Can an individual sell on Lazada?

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In great similarity to a countries’ micro economy, a business ecosystem such as E-commerce, in particular online shopping platforms like Lazada rely on small to medium sized business owners to prop up the base-line.

This can be viewed in a similar light to how SMEs’ (Small to medium enterprises) are the back-bone of any economy as these businessmen and women make up the majority of transactions per capita on any online shopping platform. It is important to note that large corporations do take up a large part of daily transactions as well.

How to sell as an individual on Lazada?

Local Seller

  • Identity card - In order to verify your official seller status and start listing products, individual sellers must upload a copy of a valid government-issued ID which may include TIN, Driver’s License, SSS ID, or Passport.
  • A valid e-mail address (1 unique address per account)
  • Your address (home or work/warehouse)
  • Valid bank account information - To make sure you get your payouts as smoothly and easily as possible, fill out the Bank Account portion of your profile. Remember: your account name must match the name indicated on the government-issued ID


  • Passport copy
  • Permanent Visa
  • Savings account Statement

NB; You need a registered business to sell online in Singapore

Whether you are a foreigner or a local seller, the above is all you need to open an account and start selling. Once you are ready, simply go to the Lazada sign-up page here Lazada sign up page if you are in Malaysia, and the relevant sites for your location otherwise.

Fill in the information needed at each step and before you know it you will have an active account ready to go and sell to the world.

Once you have an account simply go to the Lazada Seller Center login page and enter your information, you will then have access to the Lazada Seller Center. which will give you all the information and dashboard related to your store for you to run and manage your Lazada store.  It even contains a whole suite of marketing tools and features instruments which will help you improve your store’s traffic, ranking and sales rating.

To learn more about Navigating the Seller Center, click this link:

How do I navigate the homepage in the Seller Center? (This will help you help you familiarize yourself with all the different options on the home page)

As you can see, anyone can sell on Lazada and setting up an account is easy too. The only thing you need to consider is the type of account you want to sign up for:

Standard seller accounts are the easiest to set up for individual/ home business owners, but if you are representing an existing brand or business it is better to open a LazMall seller account, which has higher commission charges but comes with additional benefits catered for businesses. 

Read up on each account’s benefits and choose the one that’s best for your business.

If you want a full Lazada Store setup guide follow our Here's a step by step article to guide you on how to open your own account and set it up.

There is so much more that goes into successfully operating your own store as an individual and if you would like more help in doing so don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts!

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