How to become a Lazada or Shopee Seller in Malaysia?

FAQ Oct 17, 2022

Becoming a seller on either of Asia Pacific’s premier E-shopping platforms is a simple task by any measure, here’s what you need!

  • Identity card - In order to verify your official seller status and start listing products, individual sellers must upload a copy of a valid government-issued ID which may include TIN, Driver’s License, SSS ID, or Passport.
  • A valid e-mail address (1 unique address per account)
  • Your address (home or work/warehouse)
  • Valid bank account information - To make sure you get your payouts as smoothly and easily as possible, fill out the Bank Account portion of your profile. Remember: your account name must match the name indicated on the government-issued ID

As an already established business here's what you need:

  • Enter your basic information and proceed to the seller information page where you will have to select the registered business option. Do note that you need to have your business registration number ready.
  • The next page will have you enter your shop information- Shop name, phone number, Pick-up address and your email address.
  • The next page is all about shipping and it is necessary to have at least 1 shipping channel activated for your store. Standard shipping is the default setting so do make sure to visit the shipping settings page, if you wish to make more changes.
  • As a registered business/brand you will need to establish a strong presence and store identity.
Make sure to upload high resolution images for your storefront, cover page image, and products. Anything with a visual element to it must be of quality.
  • If it isn't exactly obvious to buyers what your shop is peddling they will go to your shop description for a synopsis of what you are all about. As such it is vital to have a well written and concise description with key information like your main products, brand legacy and whichever other information you think sells your products best.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to product descriptions, then check our detailed guide on how to create Lazada's Lorikeet Descriptions.

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The information listed above should be sufficient to get you started selling. If you still need assistance with ranking higher, enhancing sales, or increasing customer experiences, then read our 5 tips to make your first Shopee sale today.

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