​How to get FREE Traffic to your Ecommerce Store?

FAQ Jul 29, 2022

​You might already know the answer to this question, it's SEO!

Here are 4 things you should know about SEO:

1. Focus mainly on the Product Title

SEO helps buyers who use different search terms to find your product in the search listings.

2. Search traffic is the highest source of traffic for any marketplace store

It is best to have customers looking for the products you sell. So, the more visible you are on the search feed, the better. This is possible only with the help of SEO.

To understand more about this, read our blog here:

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3. SEO is all about understanding which keywords your customers use, and then using them in your own listing.

A well optimized listing can get up to 300% more visitors than a non-optimized listing.

4. SEO is free of cost, and you can use the same keywords in your paid search campaigns.

In the above example - The seller has smartly used all variations possible to ensure that their listing shows up when searched for by customers looking for a Frying Pan/Pan Pot/Cooking Pot/Frying Wok.

Got our point?

If not, check this in detail SEO blog, for free!

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