How to use Shopee ads credit?

FAQ Nov 24, 2022

Shopee Ads show your products to interested customers in highly trafficked areas of the Shopee platform. The home page, search results page, or product detail pages of comparable or related products are all included in this. When you use Shopee ads, more people see your goods and store, which may result in higher sales.

The platform has incorporated its currency into Shopee ads credits exclusive to Shopee sellers only. You can use these credits to purchase the ad spaces mentioned above.

You must ensure you have topped up enough advertisement credit for your Search, Discovery, and Boost Ads to be displayed. Remember that:

  • Adverts credit cannot be used to pay for display ads. The Display Ads invoices emailed to you will include payment instructions separately.
  • Your advertisements credit will only be deducted when customers click on your Search, Discovery, and Boost Ads.
  • When your ad credit is gone, all your Search, Discovery, and Boost Ads will stop running. Top-ups for the ads credit are not returnable.
  • Different ad credit kinds will have various expiration dates.

How to top up Shopee Ads Credit?

With Shopee My Ads, you may top off your account with ad credits to ensure that your ads don't pause in the middle of a campaign owing to a low card balance. Nothing is more discouraging than beginning to run advertisements and discovering that the campaign was abandoned midway due to a lack of funding.

For detailed instructions on topping up your ads credits account, click this link.

The types of Ads

Discovery Ads

Display your products to customers looking for complementary or comparable items in various areas of the Shopee platform. The following pages will have Discovery Ads: Daily Discovery on the homepage and relevant product detail pages with similar products the consumer may like.

Sellers can attract customers interested in items similar to theirs by using discovery advertisements. These ads are incredibly relevant to anyone who encounters them because they are listed on the product detail pages of comparable competitors' products or complimentary products.

Unfortunately, this advertisement option is only available to sellers who meet specific criteria like a good track record in sales and order ratings; your eligibility is automatically updated.

When customers search for particular keywords, a specific banner advertisement called a "shop search ad" appears in their search results.

Shop search advertising differs from product search advertisements, where they feature a clickable link to your entire shop rather than just a single product.

Even though many users of a platform like Shopee often know what they want to buy, users will simply browse and weigh their alternatives. As a result, Shopee search advertisements are a fantastic approach to connecting with potential customers and promoting your business as a seller.

Boost ads

These ads are displayed to users in search results for pertinent keywords you target on product detail pages for related or complimentary products. They are also visible on the platform's Daily Discover section. Boost ads on Shopee can be considered a balanced combination of all three other ad types you have just read about.

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