3 Ways to Check a Product before launch

Aug 4, 2022

The biggest question we all have when launching a new product is, “Will this sell?”

It’s nervous and, honestly, the scariest part of launching new products.

What if there was a way to make this easier?

You’re in luck because I am here to share three ways you can be more confident before launching a new product.

Let’s work with an example - I found my friend with this fantastic “moon lamp”, which I think could be a winning product.

Method 1: Keyword Traffic Research

The first keywords that describe this product for me are: “Moon Lamp”, “Moon Night Lamp”, “Yellow Night Lamp”, and “Bedroom Night Lights.”

Next, I will search these keywords using Lazada’s AD Keywords tool to make sure they have enough people searching for them.

There is healthy traffic for night lamp keywords and even for “moon light” this gives me confidence that people are interested in purchasing the product.

Method 2: Competitor Research

Using the keywords we found in step 1, we can search for competitor listings in Lazada.

✅ Check for Pricing

✅ Check for Reviews & Units Sold

✅ Check for other keywords they use

Method 3: Pre-order Campaign

List your product online as a “Pre-Order Listing” and launch it to see if you are getting any initial traction and orders.

Pre-Order is a new feature and hasn’t been rolled out to everyone (but you can still create a Pre-Order Listing following steps from Lazada)

And using these three methods, you can feel safer when launching new products!

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Shahbaaz Ali

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