Case Study: How Oxyfresh Sold 130+ Units within 2 Months of Launch

Success Stories Jun 9, 2023

Customer Story Highlights

  • Oxyfresh launched a new product in their Lazada store, the product is the Oxyfresh Pet Finger Brush
  • The goal behind launching this product is to take advantage of the push that Lazada is doing for cheaper products with programs such as RM 9.9 All In
  • Considering the low price, advertising the product for the highly competitive pet market was a challenge, they needed a way to get a higher search volume on Lazada.
  • Oxyfresh from their experience selling many top products to the Malaysian pet markets, understood that an optimized SEO title plays a significant role in generating organic traffic.
  • Without past Sales Keywords, Oxyfresh used Leap Scout’s Keyword Search Tool to research the initial high-traffic and relevant keywords for their new product.
  • Using the Leap Scout Title Builder, these keywords were added and turned into an SEO Title for the new product.
  • Within 1 month of their product launch, the search-optimized product title helped grow the product’s traffic from 94 Visitors to 153 visitors, and this increased the number of Units Sold from 20 to 65.

The Company

Oxyfresh is an innovative pet care company focused on providing non-toxic and eco-friendly products for pets. Known for its dental care line, grooming solutions, and effective cleaners, Oxyfresh is committed to helping pets live healthier and happier lives. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing pet companies, Oxyfresh is driven by a team of passionate individuals who love the outdoors, their community, and of course, pets


Oxyfresh's launch of the new Pet Finger Brush product in their store was marked by uncertainty in terms of organic search performance. The challenge was to capitalize on Lazada's RM 9.9 All In program, which pushes for cheaper products, and to stand out in the highly competitive pet market.

If the Pet Finger Brush could secure consistent organic search, it could generate steady monthly recurring revenue. Based on Oxyfresh's experience with the Malaysian pet market, they know that products that are optimized for SEO can achieve high organic traffic and conversion rates.

Ramping up advertising spending was one option, but it came with significant risks, including high costs and low margins. Given the low price point of the Pet Finger Brush, it was crucial to maintain profitability. Thus, Oxyfresh was not keen on over-reliance on ads due to the potential financial risks involved. They recognized the need for a more sustainable strategy, such as improving their product's SEO title, to increase its organic search volume on Lazada.



Oxyfresh made a strategic decision to optimize their SEO title. They recognized the importance of leveraging high-traffic, intent-driven keywords in the product title to maximize visibility and conversion. This step was part of their broader effort to ensure the product's successful introduction to the market, reflecting their commitment to both innovative pet care solutions and effective digital marketing strategies.

Sourcing Keywords

In the process of sourcing keywords for their new Pet Finger Brush product, Oxyfresh adopted a multifaceted approach:

  1. Competitor Listings: They scrutinized the listings of rival products, pinpointing the keywords that seemed to give them an edge. By understanding the successful strategies of competitors, they gained valuable insights into the kind of keywords that resonate with their target market.
  2. Leap Scout's Keywords Search Tool: To cast their net even wider, they utilized the powerful Leap Scout's Keywords Search tool. This software enabled them to explore and aggregate a multitude of relevant keywords rapidly, further enriching their SEO efforts.

This dual strategy proved beneficial in identifying high-traffic, intent-driven keywords, setting the stage for a successful product launch.

Choosing Keywords and Building the SEO Title

Upon finalizing the process of sourcing keywords, Oxyfresh moved onto the critical task of selecting the right ones:

  1. Choosing Relevant Keywords: Oxyfresh meticulously handpicked the most relevant keywords, prioritizing those that both displayed high search volumes and signaled an intent to purchase their product.
  2. Leveraging Leap Scout SEO Template: Once the keywords were chosen, they were automatically incorporated into a predefined SEO template provided by Leap Scout. This ensured that the title was structured in an SEO-friendly manner, maximizing its potential to rank high in search results.
  3. Uploading the Title to Lazada: With the SEO-optimized title in hand, the final step was to upload it to Lazada, effectively launching their product with a strong online presence.
The final SEO title, brimming with carefully selected keywords, was as follows:
Oxyfresh Pet Finger Brush, Dog Accessories, Dog Toothbrush, Dog Dental, Dog Teeth Cleaning, Cat Toothbrush, Cat Dental, Pet Teeth Cleaning, 猫牙刷, Pet Dental Care, 宠物牙刷, Puppy Teeth Cleaning, 猫咪牙刷 Berus Gigi Kucing.

This comprehensive and strategic approach ensured that Oxyfresh was well-positioned to capture organic traffic and convert it into sales for their new Pet Finger Brush product.


Post Launch, the LeapScout and Oxyfresh team closely tracked the performance of the new product by checking its key metrics using Lazada Business Advisor. Here’s what we found;

  1. The product from launch had very good traction, the Lazada 9.90 All-in program provided quite a bit of push (See Orange Box in screenshot)
  2. The search was the second highest driver of traffic; where visitors were coming from a variety of different keywords related to pets.
  3. By May, Search overtook the 9.9 All in performance, this shows that with the optimized SEO listing, the product will keep seeing consistent traffic.
  4. The sales for this product grew consistently with Search traffic increasing and within just 3 months, the product sold 137 Units.

Metrics February 2023 March 2023 [LAUNCH] April 2023 May 2023
Visitors 0 94 135 153
Add to Cart Visitors 0 46 62 63
Add to Cart Conversion Rate 0 78.22% 51.65% 36.92%
Add to Cart Units 0 51 103 96
Orders 0 17 21 27
Conversion Rate 0 18.09% 15.56% 17.65%
Units Sold 0 20 52 65
Revenue 0 $58.81 $120.05 $170.65
Average Price 0 3 2 3

Get Ranked!

You can increase your product listing traffic using the same process that Oxyfresh implemented for their Pet Finger Brush, for both new products and existing ones on your Lazada store.

The process involves:

  • Identifying high-potential products where title optimization is likely to make a big difference using a spreadsheet tool.
  • Sourcing keywords using competitor products, GPT, Business Advisor, and LeapScout software.
  • Using Leap Scout to generate an SEO title using sourced keywords.
  • Updating your product and tracking the results over time.


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