Unlocking Hidden Success: 8 Lesser-Known Tips for Shopee Sellers to Boost Sales and Dominate the Marketplace

E-Commerce Jul 25, 2023

Shopee has emerged as a leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, offering a vast marketplace for sellers to showcase their products. While many sellers are aware of common strategies, there are a few lesser-known tips that can give you a competitive edge and boost your sales on Shopee. In this blog post, we will uncover these hidden gems and explore how you can leverage them to maximize your success as a Shopee seller.

1. Optimize Product Titles and Descriptions

When it comes to attracting buyers, effective product titles and descriptions are essential. However, it's not just about using relevant keywords. Take it a step further by incorporating unique selling points, benefits, and specific details about your products. By standing out and providing valuable information, you can capture the attention of potential customers and increase the chances of conversions.

  • SEO - Using Relevant Keywords
  • Benefits > Features
  • Show the pain point clearly and how you solve it with your product
  • Focus on the Front Image!

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2. Offer Bundles and Packages

Want to encourage customers to purchase more from your store? Consider creating bundles or packages by combining related products or variations. This not only adds value for buyers but also increases the average order value. By strategically offering appealing bundles, you can drive more sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Exclusive or Limited Offer: Creating a sense of exclusivity or scarcity can generate excitement and urgency among customers. Consider offering limited-time bundles or exclusive products that are only available within the bundle.

3. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your reach and gaining credibility. Identify social media influencers or bloggers who align with your target audience and offer them free products or discounts in exchange for promoting your Shopee store. Their endorsement can introduce your brand to a wider audience and generate trust among their followers, leading to increased sales.

Using macro influencers can be super helpful for e-commerce brands because they have a bunch of followers who are just right for your products. When you team up with an influencer whose audience matches your target market, you can reach and connect with people who are more likely to be interested in what you're selling. And guess what? This means you'll have a better chance of turning those folks into actual customers. So, not only will you see higher conversion rates, but you'll also get a better return on your investment. It's like hitting the bullseye with your marketing!

4. Utilize Shopee Ad

To further amplify your product visibility, consider leveraging Shopee Ads. These targeted advertisements allow you to promote your listings within the platform, reaching a larger audience and increasing the likelihood of conversions. By strategically investing in Shopee Ads, you can drive more traffic to your products and boost sales.

Shopee Ads opens up a world of advertising possibilities for brands! With ad formats like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and In-Feed Ads, you can strut your stuff and make your brand shine right within the Shopee platform. Whether it's showcasing your products or boosting your brand presence, Shopee Ads has got you covered. It's like having a spotlight for your brand on Shopee's virtual stage!

Ready to dive into Shopee Ads? Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign up and Set up Your Account: Create a Shopee account by visiting their website or downloading the app. Log in and head to the Shopee Ads platform to kick off your advertising journey.
  2. Campaign Objectives and Budget: Figure out your advertising goals and set a budget. Want to boost sales, increase brand awareness, or promote a specific product? Define your objectives and allocate a budget that fits your goals.
  3. Choose an Ad Format: Shopee has cool ad formats like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and In-Feed Ads. Pick the format that matches your goals and the type of content you want to showcase.

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5. Offer Limited-Time Deals or Exclusive Promotions

Creating a sense of urgency is a proven sales tactic. Consider offering time-limited deals or exclusive promotions to entice customers to make a purchase. By leveraging the fear of missing out, you can generate excitement and prompt buyers to take action, resulting in increased sales during the promotional period.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful marketing tool because it taps into our need to be included and our fear of being left out. Here's why it works:

  1. Scarcity and Exclusivity: FOMO makes people desire something more when it's limited or exclusive. By highlighting limited quantities or time-limited offers, marketers create a sense of urgency and drive action.
  2. Social Proof: FOMO leverages the power of seeing others benefit from a product. When people see others enjoying something, they want to be part of it too. Marketers showcase testimonials and user-generated content to create a compelling narrative.

6. Optimize Packaging and Branding

Pay attention to the power of packaging and branding. When customers receive their orders, ensure the packaging is visually appealing and includes personalized touches. Consider adding thank-you notes, branded stickers, or small surprises to create a memorable unboxing experience. These thoughtful details can leave a lasting positive impression, encouraging customers to become repeat buyers and advocates for your brand.

For example: Check out Organicule and how they have positioned themselves as a premium health brand offering affordable products

7. Leverage Shopee Live

Shopee Live is a dynamic feature that allows sellers to engage with potential customers through live streaming. Take advantage of this tool by showcasing your products, demonstrating their features, and addressing viewers' questions in real time. The interactive nature of Shopee Live can help build trust, boost engagement, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

  • Use Shopee Live during Mega Campaigns such as 7.7 , 8.8 , 9.9 and 11.11 to make the MOST out of this feature!
  • Remember to engage and share vouchers during your live and remind your buyers to checkout during the Live.

8. Encourage Customer Reviews and Ratings

Positive reviews and ratings hold immense influence over purchase decisions. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and ratings on your Shopee store. These testimonials act as social proof, enhancing your store's reputation and credibility. Potential buyers are more likely to trust and choose a seller with a strong track record of positive feedback.

There are many ways to tackle negative reviews. Try to understand what your customer was expecting.
Offering a voucher often leads to a better positive impression.


By implementing these lesser-known but effective tips, you can unlock new opportunities for success as a Shopee seller. Optimize your product listings, leverage influencer collaborations, utilize targeted advertisements, create a sense of urgency, and enhance customer experience through packaging and branding. Additionally, explore the power of live streaming and encourage customer reviews to establish trust and drive sales. Remember, success on Shopee requires continuous and consistent support and these 8 tips help sellers get on top and stay on top! When is your turn?


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