5 Marketing Strategies that will Skyrocket your Sales on Shopee + Added Bonus Tips

Shopee Dec 30, 2022

Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia. It has over a million sellers as it operates in different geographies like Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

The platform offers great transparency to sellers and buyers as they can communicate and transact directly. It even allows cross border sellers from China and Hong Kong to register their goods.

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What is Shopee and How to Setup your Shopee store?
Shopee is a consumer-focused, eCommerce online shopping platform started in Singapore in 2015. You should open a store here, because Shopee reported an average of 2 million daily orders as of June 2020. In contrast to its 19 million monthly visitors in 2019, it had over 36 million visits in the fi…

Once you have registered on the platform, it is essential to find out strategies to ensure that your store is reaching the right customers and your are making optimum sales.

Well, did you know that the most successful Shopee vendors have something in common?

Marketing is excellent, but it's the product that sells itself. And it's only through creating a super-fun, engaging experience for your customers that they'll take the leap and buy from you instead of someone else.

Want to know the best part?

Anyone can implement this!

In this article, we will discuss the most critical success elements that can assist you as a Shopee seller in optimizing your sales channel to its most significant potential.

Offer Freebies

The best way to attract buyers on Shopee is offering freebies with purchases. It is a great way to entice potential customers and get them to buy from you instead of other sellers.

You can offer anything from a small discount to a free product with a purchase. Buyers love feeling like they are getting something for nothing, so this is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their business.

Make sure that the freebie is something your target market will find valuable.

For example, if someone buys an item from your Shopee store at least once a month (add a timeline), they will receive $10 worth of credits on their next purchase!

Every time someone buys something from your shop, they get more money off their next order because they've already bought something else from you!

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5 Shopee Seller Tips that can land you your first buyer today
Are you a new seller on Shopee waiting to close your first sales? Great, this article is for you! Follow these 5 Shopee Seller Tips and you will see those orders rolling in no time!

Give a VIP experience to your existing customers

One way to build a relationship with your existing customers is by sending them updates on what you're selling. It can be done through email or social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

If a customer has bought from you before, they'll want to hear about the latest products too! You can also use this strategy to send promotional emails when new items come in your store. If they've been purchasing regularly from Shopee, they'll probably appreciate the reminder!

The other way to build a relationship with your customers is by asking them for feedback on their purchased products. It can be done through email or social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Beautify your Product Listings

Your product listings are one of the first things potential customers will see when they visit your store on Shopee. So it's essential to ensure your listings are well-designed and convey all the vital information about your product.

  1. Use high-quality photos: Blurry or low-resolution images can make your listings look unprofessional. Make sure to use clear, high-quality photos showing your products in the best light possible.
  2. Use informative and keyword-rich descriptions: Take the time to write informative and keyword-rich descriptions for your products. It will not only help potential buyers learn more about your products but also help your listings rank higher in search results.

Keywords are your best chance at getting found online. They're also crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) and product discovery, so you must use them wisely.

You should use the exact keywords as your competitors do in your listings, but feel free to try new ones if they're relevant.

A good keyword tool can help you determine which are most popular among other sellers on Shopee and other e-commerce platforms.

By following these tips, you can create listings that will stand out from the crowd and attract more buyers to your shop.

Flash deals are going to be your deal breakers

Flash sales are promotions on the Shopee homepage, and the goods shown here are on sale for a brief period. This function allows your business or items to receive the most clicks and views. Since this is one of Shopee's most well-liked features, sellers may gain the most clicks and views.

Added Bonus Tips to enhance sales on your Shopee Store

Get social on social media!

Social media is a great way to advertise your Shopee store. You can use it to interact with your customers, promote freebies, and get feedback on products. Social media is an essential part of the marketing strategy of any Shopee seller.

It provides you with many opportunities to connect with your potential customers, which can be quite helpful in generating sales.

The best thing about social media is that it enables you to connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer, and they will be willing to buy from you if they feel that what you're selling is worth their money.

Here are five tips that will help you increase sales on social media:

  • Choose the platforms that are relevant to your products.
  • Be consistent with posting and engagement.
  • Create a content strategy that includes product reviews, contests, giveaways and other engaging activities.
  • Use the right hashtags. Make sure that you use relevant hashtags in your posts so that you can be found by people with similar interests and increase your reach.

Connect with other Shopee sellers

Start by connecting with other Shopee sellers who have similar products or services as yours so that they can help you grow your business. It will help you to understand the gaps in your product and encourage you to make the changes when needed. Also, connecting with sellers will help you to stay on top of all the selling trends.


A successful business owner needs to get out there and meet new people daily. You need to identify your buyer personas and collect as much information as you can on them. Find out where they come from, and why they are interested in buying from your store or using your service.


We hope this post has inspired you to get started with Shopee and see where it can take your business. Remember, the best way to succeed is by testing and learning as much as possible.

The tips outlined above are just the beginning of what Shopee sellers have discovered on their journey toward online success!

If you are looking to grow your Shopee Store, then reach out to us at Leap as we have a professional team of store managers that will take care of all the nitty gritty of selling.

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