5 Shopee Seller Tips That Can Land You Your First Buyer Today

E-Commerce Apr 4, 2022

Are you a new seller on Shopee waiting to close your first sales? Great, this article is for you!

Follow these 5 Shopee Seller Tips and you will see those orders rolling in no time!

Shopee Seller Tip #1: Share your Store with Family and Friends

It is a good idea to share your store with family and friends. Please encourage them to buy from your store and ask them to share it with their circle. You need to understand that your first buyer on Shopee might probably be your friends and family, as they will put their trust in you and make that leap to purchase.

You can thank your friends and family with a discount coupon or a small voucher.

Try to share it with as many acquaintances, friends, and relatives as possible.

Shopee Seller Tip #2: Optimize Your Listing

You have to optimize your product listings using the Shopee seller center for higher traffic and better sales. If your listings aren't optimized, your buyers will not be able to find you through search, and even when they do, a poorly optimized product listing will not get a lot of visitors or conversions.

A few Top Shopee Listing Optimization tips for sellers are:

  • To simplify, keywords are the terms that your customers will add in the search bar to look or shop for a product.
  • Perform keyword research on your product by using simple techniques like Shopee Autocomplete. You can also use Shopee Ad Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and others.
  • Once you have a list of keywords, add them to your product title and descriptions. Add unique selling points, features, and attributes in your product description to give customers a better idea about your product.
  • Upload high-quality images which accurately show your product to the customers.
  • Practice competitive pricing as customers tend to buy from the Shopee store with the lowest price.

If you want to read about Shopee product listing optimization in detail, check out this blogpost:

A guide to create optimized product detail pages on Shopee
A guide to create the best optimized Shoppe product pages which can increase sales with for beginners and existing sellers.

Shopee Seller Tip #3: Target Your Audience with Shopee Ads

One of the best Shopee seller tips is to run Shopee Ads. They can surely help you rise to the top of search results pages and get suggested on the Shopee homepage and competitor's product listings.

Shopee ads will help you close your first buyer and attain your sales goals for 6 or 12 months cost-effectively. You will be charged only when someone clicks on your ad.

Ads can help you reach new customers and help you build your brand, and increase shop followers and sales. Shopee says that sellers who use ads can see an increase of 24%-26% in their sales revenues for the advertised products.

Shopee Seller Tip #4: Create Irresistible Deals for customers

Use the Discount, Add-on, and Voucher tools to convince customers to purchase products now!

Voucher Tool

When was the last time you purchased something when there was no deal? The online shopping culture has made it mandatory to show a deal, even if it's small.

You can use the discount tool to show that "Savings Deal" and increase the chances of a sale. The discount can be applied to a single product or implemented on all the products on your Shopee Seller Center.

It is an excellent tool for sellers looking to incentivise customers to purchase who are interested but hesitating to check out due to a lack of deals.

Add-On Deal Tool

It is a marketing tool in the Shopee Seller Center that helps you push sales of specific products. It further encourages buyers to add more items to their carts.

Once you activate this tool, buyers will be able to see labels or stickers of 'Add-on Deal' or 'Free Gift' on your products when browsing. The labels make your products look attractive, which leads to more clicks and sales.

Shopee Seller Tip #5: Give it time!

You have to stay patient and consistent in your efforts for your e-commerce store to work. You need to understand that results will happen overtime and not overnight.


These 5 Shopee seller tips will help you to close your first sale!

However, it is essential to remember to stay patient and continue putting efforts into your Shopee store to generate more traffic and sales.

Running an online store is not easy. It can become quite overwhelming with so many different things to take care of simultaneously.

Want e-commerce superheroes to take care of your store?

Let our professionals take care of store management, campaigns, ads, and so much more so that you can focus your energy where it matters!

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