Lazada Seller Guide: 5 ways to get your first buyer

Business Feb 25, 2022

Lazada's marketplace is becoming more competitive with every passing day as the platform is present in 6 countries, with new sellers registering regularly. Most sellers spend a lot of time on their Lazada Seller Center to ensure they leave no opportunity unturned to attract new buyers to their stores.

If you have a new Lazada online shop, you must read on as we show you five simple steps to get your first buyer.

1. Promote Everywhere ~ Spread the Word for your Lazada Online Shop

Sell, Sell and Sell! Once you have posted everything on your Lazada Seller Center, you must promote those listings everywhere.

Post on Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are great platforms to reach potential buyers.
  • Adding Call To Actions (CTA) such as "Buy Now" "Save 20% Off" on your posts helps to attract more visitors to your Lazada product pages.

Ask for help from Friends & Family.

  • Send messages using Whatsapp/Telegram to your friends and relatives. Share a personalized discount code, and ask everyone to forward the message further in their circles.
  • Please don't make it spammy!

Share your products with your community.

  • If you have a newsletter or website of your own, mention it there as well. For example, a good CTA can be: Now available on Lazada.
  • To increase Lazada sales, share your products in relevant Facebook groups (e.g., A car community would love to know about discounts on a new cup holder for cars)

For a more significant push, you can even opt for paid social marketing on platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, which will help you advertise in front of a larger audience.

2. Give Attractive Deals to Increase your Lazada Sales

To rise above your competitors as a Lazada marketplace seller, you will have to give attractive deals to your customers. To understand this better, you can do a competitor analysis to check their pricing and discounts. Create a table and note down their prices and offers.

Example of a Competitive Analysis Sheet for Health Supplements in Lazada Singapore

Based on that, you can create a better deal than your competitors and attract customers to your store. It is good to give discounts initially as they can help you with customer acquisition and brand building.

Create attractive graphics with offers and cross-promote them on other platforms so that a wider audience knows about them.

At a later stage, you can even choose to create a community of your followers via a closed Facebook group or email newsletters and send exclusive offer deals to them.

Here is an excellent example of an attractive deal banner from the Glean Lazada Malaysia store.

3. Run Lazada Ads

Running ads is essential to beat the competition for your new Lazada online shop.

Lazada Sponsored Solutions have two types of ads: Search ads & Sponsored Products.

These Lazada ads are visible on the product search results and on the Lazada homepages of the customers searching for your products or other products similar to your listings.

E.g., If you are selling smartwatches and running a sponsored search ad for them, your product will appear on top of the search page when a customer searches for smartwatches.

The primary benefit of running Lazada ads is that it offers tremendous product exposure and shows your product to potential buyers. Lazada seller center also reaches out to newer audiences based on their search keywords and historical buyer behavior.

Running paid Lazada ads can also help collect vital data on consumer behavior. As a new Lazada online seller, this will provide critical insights on customer behavior and help to increase your chances to get more sales with Paid Ads.

4. Optimize Product Information from Lazada Seller Center

It is essential to have a clear and concise product description to increase your Lazada sales. Think of it as a resume of your product. If you fail to interest your customers here, you will never convert them.

Think of it from a customer's point of view; they do not get to touch or feel your product physically. They get to see pictures and read the descriptions to make that purchase. So, it is vital for you as a seller to create top-notch product pages and add as much detail as possible.

Add videos, graphics, and high-quality pictures of your product so that the customers get an idea about what to expect.

Attractive graphics (such as Infographics) help highlight the product benefits because some of your buyers might not prefer to read text descriptions.

It is always good to add all videos, photos, & text for an attractive product page with relevant information.

5. Be Patient with your Lazada Online Shop

As a Lazada seller guide, we request you to be patient. You cannot expect to list your products and make a sale on the first day. That's because just having a good product is not enough.

You have to learn to market it to reach your potential target audiences. You also have to convince your visitors to buy your products from your Lazada online shop.

There are undoubtedly many challenges that a new seller has to face, but learning to adapt and make changes along the way will help to create the right solutions for your Lazada store.

Your quest for Long-term success is the reason why being patient is very important!

Lazada Seller Guide: Conclusion

A Lazada Store is the same as any other business.

Sure, a few things are automated, but that does not mean that you should run it with minimum effort and a shoestring budget.

While it can seem quite challenging to get your first order, you will soon be on your way to getting repeated Lazada sales, good reviews, and excellent word-of-mouth publicity by following the simple steps above.

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