Looking to Create Top Selling Product in Shopee and Lazada?- Avoid these 3 Listing Mistakes

E-Commerce Aug 24, 2022

You might be introducing a lot of new products on your store. Creating new Shopee and Lazada product listings is easy but making sure that they're optimized and ready to sell is a different story altogether.

Here are three critical mistakes to avoid when creating top selling product listings​ in Shopee and Lazada:

1. Irrelevant First Keyword in Product Title

Adding “Hot Products," “Back in Stock,” or “Ready Stock” as the first keyword means that it is the only thing your customer will read in the mobile Search Pages.

2. Poor Quality Images on your Product Listing

A general rule is to ensure that the front product image has 80% space taken by the product itself; this ensures that the customer's product is clear and easy to see on Mobile Search Pages.

3. Skipping Attributes

When creating a listing, widespread practice is only to fill up the “Mandatory Attributes”. However, you should make it a habit to fill up all the attributes in the first go itself. These attributes will help your Lazada product listings appear when customers filter to find the right products that match their needs!

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