A guide to writing high converting short product descriptions for Lazada

E-Commerce Mar 11, 2022

The following blog post is intended to teach you better copywriting for your Lazada Product Listing; applying this knowledge will help increase your store’s Conversion Value and Add to Cart Value.

As an e-commerce business owner, you have to agree that good listings directly result in more sales and profit. If you are registered on Lazada Seller Center Malaysia, you must know that product listing is entirely in your control, and you must make the most out of it.

A sample of Product Short Description on Lazada

So, the question is, how do you create good Lazada product listings?

The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Do not complicate your product descriptions with fancy words and jargon.

Customers tend to develop an interest in a particular listing if it is easy to understand the product's problem.

Also, do mention the attributes, features, and other minor details of the product in Lazada descriptions.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a fantastic Lazada product description, and one of them is a short description.

In this article, we have solely focused on Short Descriptions. Save this article to use it as a reference while creating them.

What is a Short Product Description and its function?

Short Descriptions are displayed on the Lazada product page, and its primary purpose is to convert users into buyers.

So, it is essential to put in some thought before writing Short Lazada descriptions. Some of the points to remember are:

  • Your product description should be in bullet point format.
  • It should have a minimum of 8 bullet points.
  • They need to highlight the key points a customer might be looking to make a purchase decision.
  • Short Lazada Descriptions should be a mixture of benefits and features of the product.
  • You should write the short descriptions in multiple languages, if possible. Lazada Seller Center Malaysia offers to upload a full Bhasa version too.
  • Include the main keywords that the customers are searching for in your short Lazada Product Descriptions.
  • Keep each bullet point short and simple. Avoid writing long and complex sentences.

You also have to take care of the SEO (search engine optimization) with short descriptions. Include high search volume keywords because brief product descriptions are indexed in Lazada search at limited value.

How does a good product description help you get more sales?

Good Lazada Product Pages can not only boost conversions but strengthen your brand voice, create trust and improve the quality of your SEO. Also, various factors contribute to the customer buying decision, including product images, product reviews, and star ratings.

But, product descriptions remain on the top as they help the customer clear their doubts about the product.

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A good Lazada product description will include:

  • Answers to essential questions

You need to understand that your customer cannot see or touch your product physically. It isn't easy to understand everything about the product by just seeing a few photographs. So, your product descriptions must answer essential questions. For example, if you are a Lazada seller who sells clothes, it is necessary to mention the garment's fabric, fit, color, silhouette, and length. It will encourage the customer to make a buying decision plus clear all their questions.

  • Entice with benefits

Good product descriptions will tell the customers what's in it for them. Potential buyers are not interested in the mundane features; instead, they are interested in how your product will address their pain points. Thus, it would help if you highlighted the benefits of each element.

  • Appeal to your reader's imagination

Did you know that the correct phrases and words can encourage sales? It can also make them hit that "Add to Cart" button, which can boost your sales.

Large and clear pictures will surely help, but a copywriting tip helps create desire- let your reader imagine how it would feel like to own your product.

For example, if you are a sofa seller, you can tell your customers how they can unwind the stress of an entire day by just resting on your couch.

The secret to this copywriting technique is to start the sentence with the word imagine and finish the sentence by stating how your product owner will feel.

  • Scannable Product Descriptions

People have a minimal attention span, so scannable descriptions win the race. If you explain your Lazada descriptions in bullet forms like described above in the article, your customers will make better and more informed buying decisions.

If your Lazada product descriptions cater to the above-given points, it will surely get you more sales as it will communicate clearly with your audiences and help them make quick and informed buying decisions. You must understand that descriptions should be all about the customers rather than the brand voice. If you know this, your Lazada descriptions will land you more sales.

Where does a Short Product Description fit in the Customer Buying Journey?

The entire cycle is based on the AIDA framework. It refers to:

An excellent Lazada Product Listing with attractive designs will grab the audience's attention. The written format and the content will evoke interest in your product. The proper interest might lead to the desire to own the product, which will eventually lead to the action.

Thus, short descriptions play a massive role in the buyer's journey, and you must work on them.

Steps to create a Short Product Description

  1. Start by researching the relevant keywords and incorporate them into at least 6 of your bullet points.
  2. You need to create a short description in bullet format to start with the most significant pain point that your product is solving.
  3. Always add a location-centric bullet point that states where the product is made.
  4. If it is a skincare or food product, add the certifications or licenses you have for the same.
  5. Add the most enticing features as one of the bullet points.
  6. Be clear, concise, and crisp.
  7. Add words with a sense of urgency and exclusiveness like "must-haves," "buy it before it's too late," and "available only now" in one of the bullet points.
  8. Be authentic and make sure that your short Lazada description is different from your competitors.

Other tips to remember while creating Lazada Product Page

  • Know your audience

You can understand your audiences by creating a buyer's persona, which will help you to understand your ideal customer. It will help you to write better descriptions. For example, if you are a high-end professional AirPods company, you probably have a different target audience than someone who sells a gamer audience. Defining the group of your target audience will help your customer's intent and motivation for buying your product.

  • Lazada SEO

You have to understand the best SEO practices for Lazada to cut the competition and stay on the top. Most customers search for a particular product by using the features or the property of a product. So, you have to add keywords that fully describe the central part and the product's benefit. Apart from that, including all the variants of the products like size, color, features, attributes, and more. Do not stuff your descriptions with keywords; add them naturally.

  • Product Titles

Your product titles are equally crucial as short descriptions. Lazada indexes your titles the most, so they have to be optimized with keywords. Add the product name, and then add as many high search volume keywords as possible. The title can have significant features and benefits in the form of keywords. It can also have different attributes based on the industry. For example, if you are selling edible items, then the quantity and weight of the package or the bottle should be added. If you are selling garments, then the product's color should be added. Lazada SEO is quite simple to incorporate.


Short descriptions are just one part of Lazada Product descriptions, but they are essential. It would be best to learn to strike the right chord with your buyers when it comes to short descriptions, as that will help you increase your sales.

If you think that writing good Lazada descriptions with SEO titles is not your cup of tea, you should contact Leap. We have a team of professional copywriters who will care for all your product listings.

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