What is Shopee and How to Setup your Shopee store?

Shopee Aug 1, 2022

Shopee is a consumer-focused, eCommerce online shopping platform started in Singapore in 2015. It has gained popularity across Southeast Asia, including in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Like eBay or Amazon in North America, it attempts to provide access to various goods. It lets small local businesses and well-established companies sell their products on its platform.

Shopee Malaysia was a marketplace that allowed consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions. Since then, it has changed to a hybrid business model that supports business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions.

Initially, the business only operated in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It is now employed in a few nations in Latin America and Europe and has recently gained popularity in India. (It’s no longer in India - so we need to update this)

About Shopee Seller Center

The Shopee Seller Center is designed to give sellers a simple tool for managing their Shopee Stores. This tool can manage your product listings, execute promotions, and run advertising campaigns.

You can attract potential shoppers to your storefront and product listings by running these ads. Additionally, you can analyze your sales performance using tools such as Business Insights.

Using the Shopee seller mobile app, you can always be on top of your store management even on the go.

Why should you open a Shopee Seller Account?

Shopee reported an average of 2 million daily orders as of June 2020. In contrast to its 19 million monthly visitors in 2019, it had over 36 million visits in the first half of 2020. This increase results from consumers turning to online purchasing to purchase their daily necessities because of COVID-19 pandemic limitations.

  • Shopee is heavily focused on ensuring customers have an excellent buying experience; this keeps shoppers returning repeatedly - which is great for sellers on the platform.
  • There are no listing fees or commissions; therefore, there is no financial stress. However, vendors have the option of using native advertising and running their own paid ads.
  • Shopee is a high-traffic marketplace leading the eCommerce race in South East Asia. It expanded quickly and boasted a GMV of $1.8+ billion in just its first year of debut.

Types of sellers on Shopee

There are mainly four types of seller accounts on Shopee. They are as follows:

Shopee Mall Sellers

Shopee Mall Sellers are Official Stores. The Shopee Mall is a premium marketplace that includes these vendors. The authorized goods retailers and distributors are known as Shopee Mall Sellers.

Shopee Normal Seller

These are all the local Shopee Sellers that are not selling as Mall stores. This is the majority of sellers on Shopee.

Preferred and Preferred+ Sellers

With consistent good performance, Shopee's Sellers are upgraded to Preferred Sellers (Not applicable for Shopee Mall Store). Shops must have high ratings, a significant quantity of successful Shopee transactions, positive customer feedback, and excellent customer service to be included in Shopee's Preferred Sellers.

When you meet the requirements, Shopee's staff will email an invitation to join their Preferred Seller Program.

In addition to Preferred Sellers, Shopee has recently also launched the Preferred+ program, which highlights the best of Shopee's Preferred Sellers and has even stricter requirements.

  1. Overseas Sellers

Shopee's international e-commerce platform is called Shopee International Platform (SIP). Overseas sellers are retailers from outside the country's service area, like South Korea and Mainland China. Shopee often invites local sellers to join SIP when they have high-demand products. In such cases, Shopee takes care of listing your products to new markets while sellers must focus on fulfilling any international orders that come in.

What are the requirements to become a Shopee Seller?

There are no complex rules or conditions to opening a Shopee Seller Account. Anyone who has a phone number, IC, or passport is eligible to sell on Shopee. But how can one open their own Shopee Store?

Starting on Shopee is swift and easy. Just follow the instructions listed below to begin your Shopee Seller Account.

STEPS to create a Shopee Seller Account

1) Click Sign Up to create an account on seller.shopee.com.my / .sg /.ph (depending on where you're looking to sell).

Use your mobile number to register or log in with an existing Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

You must provide and authenticate your phone number and email.

2) After registration, sign in to Seller Center at the seller account and click on Shop Settings to complete your store profile.

The three primary elements of your shop's profile are as follows:

  • Shop Name

(Bonus Tip: to change your Shopee User ID, reach out to Shopee’s Customer Service by clicking the headset icon in Seller Center, Remember you can’t change this often, so choose wisely)

  • Images and Videos

To give your store strong branding, upload up to 5 photos and videos.

  • Add Shop Description

To draw customers to your store, write a brief and concise description. You may mention things like the history of your store, the kinds of products you sell, or reply on chat.

3) Verify your mobile number

To avoid having your products hidden from consumers, ensure that you have verified the registered phone number connected to your account before adding any products.

  • Click on My Account after clicking on your account name.
  • Type your phone number and click on Send Verification Code. A six-digit verification code will be sent to the provided mobile number.
  • After entering the confirmation code, hit the confirm button.

4) Create your listing

Before posting your listing, ensure your goods can be sold following Shopee's terms and conditions by reviewing the Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy. Once finished, you can begin by taking these steps.

  • Select My Products from the Seller Center.
  • Select + Add a New Product and enter the product's name, category, characteristics, and description to add a new product.
  • Upload pictures of your product that are in high resolution.
  • Choose shipping options like weight and package size.

5) Set up your pick-up address

1. Click on My Addresses in the Seller Center.

2. Click on + Add a New Address, enter your contact and address information, and then select Set As Pickup Address.

6) You are ready to ship your first order 🎉

Here's what you should do after receiving your first order:

  • Move to My Sales in the Seller Center and click on To Ship.
  • The To Ship page lets you see orders that need to be shipped.
  • Click on Ship to arrange for shipping (Ensure that you make shipping arrangements before the specified ship-by date.)
  • Your order should be packed following the order packaging guidelines. Attach any necessary paperwork, such as the airway bill.
  • Give the logistics company the order.

There is also a Shopee University available on the platform.

It is a collection of educational and training programs that support sellers in learning effective Shopee business growth tactics. Sellers can learn how to use commercial and operational features, stay up-to-date on Shopee's most recent policies and promotions, and network with other Shopee sellers through the various events.


If you're looking to sell online in South East Asia, Shopee is, without a doubt, the leading and most well-known online marketplace.

It is an excellent platform to set up your online shop. It is simple to open a Shopee Seller Account. Utilize the Shopee platform, take the appropriate steps, abide by their rules, and provide your customers with high-quality goods at reasonable costs! In addition, it is also an excellent platform for customers to get all their required products in one place with excellent service.

We hope this article will give you a detailed understanding of how to set up your Shopee store with other relevant information. You can contact our team at Leap if you want to optimize your store and product listing on Shopee. We can help you grow your Shopee Store and establish a successful Shopee Store without wasting time and resources.

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