How to Setup Profitable Automated Lazada Ad Campaigns?

Lazada Sep 28, 2022

Almost everyone is talking about Lazada Ads as sellers are having different experiences.

Some sellers have found fantastic success using Ads, 100s - 1000s of visitors, and then many have felt that Ads were nothing but a waste of money.

While it might feel like luck, there’s an apparent reason some stores are doing well with Lazada Paid Ads while others are not, and in today’s article, we want to take you through the steps we use at Leap to make sure our stores have the best Ads performance!

TLDR: This blog post will teach you;

  1. Why are Ads important for your Lazada Store?
  2. How do Lazada Ads work?
  3. How to set up an Automated Sales ADs campaign for your Lazada store?

This Blog post is perfect for you if you’re a beginner with Lazada Ads and want to get started ASAP.

Once you have the above, we can jump into the “How Should You Create Profitable Ads by following these steps” -  [If you’re short on time or need to get started with ads quickly, jump to this section!]

First, we need to understand the 3W’s

  1. Why are Ads important for your store? (aka Why should you care?)
  2. Where do your Ads show?
  3. What should you be Advertising?

1. Why are Ads important?

Ads help you drive Impressions and Traffic to your store, plain and simple, and this means a store running ads are more likely to get higher visitors to their products than a store not running ads. The traffic can be converted in to Lazada Sales.

2. Where do Lazada’s Sponsored ADs show?

There are three sources from where Lazada ADs drive visitors from;

  1. Sponsored Search: It drives more visitors to your product listing from Lazada’s Search
  2. Sponsored Discovery: It shows your products to people who are browsing similar products/categories
  3. Affiliate: Your products appear on popular websites, driving more people to check them out.
You can also drive your traffic from Social Media or Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads - but those are considered External Ads.
As more stores and sellers adopt Lazada paid ads soon, driving visitors purely using organic methods will be challenging.

3. What should you be advertising?

Should you advertise just your bestsellers? Or should you focus on your new products instead? Choosing the right products to promote can improve your Ads’ performance.

The only rule to follow is,

Advertise products that people are looking to buy and are ready to sell!

What I mean by this is;

  • If you’re advertising products with very low organic search, or a minimal market, the chances of the advertisement working are much lower - People are not looking to buy.
  • If you’re advertising products that are very popular but - don’t have a competitive price or reviews, the chances of them converting buyers is low - Products are not ready to sell.

For this reason, follow this checklist when choosing products to advertise ~

✅ At least 3-5 good ratings
✅ Existing organic sales
✅ Active Vouchers/Flexi Combos/Free Shipping
✅ Optimised Listing with updated - Images / Lorikeet / Attributes / Category
✅ SEO Title and Description

Products matching this checklist are the priority. If a product doesn’t meet all these requirements, it’s still okay to advertise, but the missing requirements need to be worked on ASAP to avoid a loss-making ad.

How to Setup Automated Profitable Lazada Ads by following these steps?

1. Choose the right products.

Using the past sales data, checklist and your gut - decide on the best products to drive more traffic.

Find out your TOP best sellers using Lazada Business Advisor.
The best products are those with high conversion and low traffic!

2. Setup Campaign

Step 1: Click on New Campaign, Select “Sales”

Step 2: For Placements, Stick to All & Automated

Step 3: Start with the minimum budget, and set the start date to start ASAP

Step 4: Add your Selected Products (from Step 1!)

Feel free to explore the suggested tabs to find which other products that are recommended by Lazada.

Step 5: Review Ad Settings

Always review your campaign settings; changes after launch can mess up the algorithm’s performance and learning.

Step 6: Publish Campaign!

3. Managing your Lazada Campaign

The best part about “Automated” Ads is that they can take away the hassle of “managing” your ads, and instead, they run themselves using Lazada’s algorithms for Ads.

However, there are a few things you need to always keep track of:

✅ Are your selected products getting more traffic?
✅ Do you have enough budget for the ads to run through properly
✅ Is your ROI (Return on Investment) positive? - Meaning - Are you making money?

Depending on the answers, you may need to:

  1. Change the products selected in your Lazada campaign
  2. Pause, delete certain products from the campaign
  3. Add or reduce the budget and bids - to stay profitable!
Always keep a close eye on ROI and Ad Spend, especially when using Auto Top-ups.

Hey, you made it this far. Now you should be able to run your Lazada Ads like a pro!

If you still feel like you need help, the Leap team can help you get started and even help run the ads for you! Contact us using the contact form below, and we will be in touch.

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