Checklist for 11.11- The Biggest Campaign

Checklist Oct 31, 2022

The Single's Day Campaign, aka 11.11 is one of the biggest campaigns and we want to make sure that you are well prepared for it.

So let's get some perspective here - How "BIG" is it?


100 seconds

That's the time it took Lazada to reach US$11 million in sales in 2020.

In Philippines: Lazada helped get 1,111 Honda car bookings in just 11 minutes

In Thailand: Lazada sales hit > THB 1 billion in under two hours

In Singapore: Lazada Sold 16,000 items/min in first 11 minutes

Here's your 1-week to go CAMPAIGN must-DO list: (Works for both Lazada + Shopee)

βœ… Campaign Submissions: Make sure your products are submitted and approved in ALL the 11.11 campaigns - Pre-Campaign, BMO, Flash Sales - get as many as you can!

βœ… Promotions: Sharing some examples, from our stores:

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Flexi Combo/Bundle Deal- Buy 2 get 11% off

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Voucher - 11% off on min spend $1

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Free Shipping - Free Shipping if items reach 2

βœ… Get the following designs ready and up!

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Create a simple but Store front Design

γ€€β˜‘οΈ PDP Design

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Affiliate Designs

γ€€β˜‘οΈ 11.11 Frame for Hero Products Main Image

Sellers can access the campaign assets provided in Lazada University from Lazada Seller Center

βœ… Flash Deals: Hunt for Flash Deals and remember to check with VKAM for any Flash Slots that's may have opened up.

βœ… Campaign HOOK (Just need any 1!) - This is SUPER important to differentiate your. store from others.

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Offer a Free Gift using Flexi Combo

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Send "Secret Offline" Vouchers to Loyal Customers

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Guarantee you customers the BEST Price

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Free Samples of Products

γ€€β˜‘οΈ High Value Giveaway of a Product Bundle or Popular Gifts

βœ… Product Bundles

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Put together bundles of your top sellers into relevant bundles to help shoppers

βœ… Customer Support

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Use CEM/Chat broadcast and start sharing vouchers and deals with your customers ahead of the campaign!

βœ… Feed & Livestream

γ€€β˜‘οΈ The PERFECT time to get started, do your first LIVE Session on 11.11

γ€€β˜‘οΈ Ensure your LIVE Slots are booked and reserved

​There you go, a short and to the point checklist to make sure you ACE your 11.11!

Also, check our blog to make sure that you product listings are on point during the campaign so that more buyers can find you easily:

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Wishing you many sales this 11.11!

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