Analyze your Lazada Store 11.11 Campaign Performance in 3 Steps!

FAQ Nov 12, 2021

11.11 shook the e-commerce world once again, and even before the dust settles, we are on the way to prepare for Black Friday (BFCM) at the end of November, 12.12, Christmas, and finally New Year!

For the online retail industry, the year-end is a party in which everyone wants to participate. However, it can be overwhelming when you're submitting promotions left, right, and center but not even sure which of them are working!

So in today's blog post, I would like to take you through 3 steps to analyze the performance of your mega campaigns for your Lazada store so you can plan your next campaign better by keeping all the things that work and removing all the ones that don't.

The best tool to do this is the Business Advisor (BA) for Lazada. You can find BA in the left sidebar in your seller centre.

Before we begin, let's hit the basics super quick,

Step 0: Create a clear goal for what you are trying to do. I do this by asking myself straightforward questions.

My goal is to answer the following questions:

  1. How was my sales performance for 11.11, and which were my best-selling products?
  2. From which source did my store get the highest and best traffic?
  3. Which promotions worked best to help increase my average basket size and conversions?
Remember the formula!

Step 1: Understand your store and product sales performance

Go to BA → Promotion → Campaign → Click "Details" next to 11.11 Campaign 2021

Here you can get a summarised overview of how your campaign performed.

Summary of 11.11 performance from Lazada Business Advisor

You can compare this data to your last campaign performance or your monthly performance to gauge how the overall performance has been.

Next, it's essential to analyze the product performance:

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