How to promote a sale on Shopee for FREE?

FAQ Dec 16, 2022

Trying to find a quick strategy to increase sales on Shopee? Although there is no simple fix to maintain high sales volumes over the long term. But, there are ways to increase sales in a short time.

Let's find out how?

Flash Sales

A flash sale is one option for eligible stores that enables you to design your campaign inside the shop. The flash sale is promoted on the very top of the store's page, enticing customers to buy goods at a discount.

Open up the Shopee app -> Flash sale to establish a new campaign

Choose the goods, the cost, and the campaign's duration.

To make the Flash sale functionality available, your store must meet the following requirements:

  • Order cancellation rate: 10%
  • Less than 10% of deliveries are late.
  • The response rate in the chat is +80%
  • Duration of preparation: 2 days
  • Rating for the store should be four stars and above
  • Ten products will be available during the Flash sale period.

Product eligibility requirements for the Flash sale campaign:

  • Stock count: 5 to 100
  • The margin of discounts: 5% to 90%
  • Discounted pricing is the cost that hasn't changed in the past week.
  • The product score must be four stars and up
  • Three products were sold in the previous 30 days.
  • Duration of preparation: 2 days
  • Twenty-four hours till the next Flash sale.

Shopee Preferred Seller

One approach to set yourself apart from other sellers as an exceptional merchant is by enrolling in the Shopee Preferred Seller program. As long as you uphold service standards, Shopee will extend additional rewards and privileges to Preferred Sellers designated on the platform.

The following monthly standards apply to Shopee Preferred Seller:

  • Net Orders during the previous 30 days need to be more than 75
  • 35 distinct buyers in the last 30 days
  • Shop Score: 4.7 and above
  • 90% Chat Response Rate
  • 5% off for pre-orders
  • Product: 100 per cent genuine
  • No (0) Seller Penalty Points

Fast delivery times

This final suggestion may seem out of place concerning the others, but it is the most crucial because it can help your store generate long-term sales. Unfortunately, we live in an age of quick gratification, affecting not only social media but even corporate interactions in the form of next-day deliveries. Deliver things as described on your orders page, and if you can do so more quickly, please do so.

Fast deliveries are one of those things that consumers expect but don't actively consider. This desire only becomes apparent for most online buyers when they are denied this opportunity.

Therefore, customers will subconsciously prioritize a quick turnaround; this will benefit you in the long run, as most customers will leave reviews with comments on how quickly they received their order. And this will entice and influence other customers to choose your product, with the quick delivery time playing a significant role in their decision, whether they realize it or not!

The power of Product Review on Lazada and Shopee
From the written reviews, sellers can derive snippets that shed a positive light on the product. These can be added to ads and promotions.

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Shopee constantly runs campaigns and discounts on its website to increase sales and customer engagement. Many customers will see the campaign's products featured all across Shopee. The good news is that you are welcome to propose your store's products for free as long as they comply with the campaign's parameters.

Visit Shopee and select Seller Center > Marketing Center.

Go to my nomination campaigns for your goods.

Make sure your products have enough details, attractive pricing, and a discount for the Shopee administrators to choose them.

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