How to Register as a Seller on Lazada?

FAQ Nov 7, 2022

Imagine a supermarket with every consumer good that is currently on the global market, not only that but the store advertises goods for no extra cost. Not only does this hypothetical store hold everything ever! It's also free to join. As a consumer you don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your home to shop for anything from groceries to consumer electronics, put all of these aspects together and you have Lazada.

It's clear to see why online shopping platforms have overtaken traditional stores in the last half a decade. E-commerce gives every willing person a chance at financial freedom, from mom and pops confectioneries to local toy manufacturers and multinational conglomerates, each player can profit from selling online.

Registering for the platform is a really simple process, all you need are the 4 items below:

  • Identity card - In order to verify your official seller status and start listing products, individual sellers must upload a copy of a valid government-issued ID which may include TIN, Driver’s License, SSS ID, or Passport.
  • A valid e-mail address (1 unique address per account)
  • Your address (home or work/warehouse)
  • Valid bank account information - To make sure you get your payouts as smoothly and easily as possible, fill out the Bank Account portion of your profile. Remember: your account name must match the name indicated on the government-issued ID

Once you have your documents in order simply type into your search engine Lazada Seller Center Login, here you will find the login form and right under the password form you will see the option to create new account. (Make sure you create account in the right country, i.e. Philippines Malaysia Singapore etc.) Alternatively, you can click the link here to find the create account page :

Seller Center

or scan the QR code below

What do I need to prepare?

Make sure you have all the product content ready. We recommend you to prepare:

  • Min. 3 product main images
  • Min. 50 words of product description
  • Min. 1 image for product description

You can get more help here:

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Advertise on other social media apps and in your circle by sending lazada links

A great way to increase your product/brand awareness is to build a social media account around your brand, share videos and pictures frequently to amass a following that you can then funnel to your store.


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If you would like help with the whole 9 yards reach out to us and our team of pros will have your store performing to its fullest potential before you could say LAZADA SELLER!

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