What can you sell on Lazada in 2022 to get the best profits?

FAQ Dec 2, 2022

Lazada is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in South-East Asia. Many sellers have 10x their sales by exposing themselves to a broad platform audience.

You can almost sell anything on Lazada. However, a few items work best on the platform.

Below we’ve compiled a list of what we found to be the best-selling products on Lazada; we tried to keep it varied from country to country so that we touch base with many product categories. Please take note that these are in no particular order.


  • Personal care products - With social media all around us, it is implausible that the demand for beauty enhancement products will ever decrease. Some products you can’t go wrong with are our Make-up (foundations especially), Sunscreen and fake nails.
  • Child care products- Moms, are tired of making a trip to the local grocer to get diapers! Believe it or not, 5% of all diapers in Malaysia are bought on Lazada! If you are wondering where to start, go for diapers, baby powder and cereals.
  • Consumer electronics- There are nearly 30 million internet users in Malaysia, so you can be sure that consumers have a high demand rate for electronics. Some sure-fire electronics to sell are USB cables, power banks and headphones.


  • Health Supplements- The Covid-19 pandemic has increased health awareness globally, especially in the Philippines. This trend is likely to continue, given that expert opinions on virology predict a rise in the frequency of global pandemics (Read more on the UNESCO site). So, you can opt to sell Herbal teas, Vitamins and Disinfectants.
  • Home improvement items- With the past global pandemic, we all spent more time in our homes. As such, many Filipinos took an interest in improving their spaces, and items like Garden tools, Rugs and Blankets are selling well in the market.
  • Gym equipment- For the same reason as above, people indeed have more time to themselves, so self-improvement has been trending. Dumbbells, Work-out Mats and Weight belts have all been selling like hotcakes!


  • Groceries- Singaporeans are prominent on groceries, with the average household spending of S$350 (+$250USD) a month. They prefer to have their items delivered to their doorsteps. Some popular items are Milk, Veggies and Eggs.
  • Beauty products- Singapore has long been a trendsetter in fashion and business, with the apparel market valued at USD$2.4 billion this year. The best bet in this market is Women’s items like Dresses, Handbags and Shoes.
  • Phones- Singaporeans are techies; there’s no doubt that as multinationals in the country debut countless emerging technologies. With phones in Singapore, you cannot go wrong with the I-phone 14, the modern Samsung Galaxy S range and the up-and-coming Mi-phones.

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We hope this article has helped you to decide what to sell on the Lazada platform; if you need more help with your store, sales increases, or back-end management, reach out to us at Leap, where we offer complete spectrum services to help your store reach its true potential!

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