15 Essential Lazada Product Listing Optimization Tips to Increase Sales

Lazada Jun 23, 2021

What do you think makes a good Lazada product listing, and why is it important?

Well, the most important and valuable part of your Lazada store, in fact, is your product listing. And this is a fact that many sellers may overlook as they focus all their efforts on promotions, campaigns, and ads.

But the truth is, selling online starts and ends with your product listing.

If you imagine your store as a cake and you were the baker, the base of the cake (the most crucial part of the cake’s structure) would be your product listing.

And creating a good base takes time and consists of different steps.

The Product Listing Cake

An optimized Lazada product listing has many benefits:

  • It drives more traffic
  • It helps convert more visitors into buyers
  • It generates higher Average Order Value

And these benefits all result in higher sales. But how?

Let’s jump into how we can adequately bake our cake’s base. Whoops, what we meant was to learn how to optimize your Lazada product listings. This is one of the crucial parts of learning how to sell on Lazada.

15 Different Attributes of an Optimized Lazada Product Listing

  1. Good SEO Title
  2. Correct Categorization
  3. Attractive Front Image
  4. Short Description with Key Information
  5. Filled-Up Attributes List
  6. Attractive Lorikeet Description
  7. A One-Minute Product Intro Video
  8. Product Variations
  9. Competitive Price
  10. Good Product Reviews
  11. Offer Free/Subsidized Shipping
  12. Promotions: Vouchers & Flexi Combos
  13. User-Friendly Store Decoration
  14. Great Store Performance
  15. High Number of Units Sold

To qualify your product listing as “fully optimized,” you need to tick off all the above 15 attributes, but you may notice that some of them are under your control and some aren’t.

For instance, you can't directly control either the number of units sold for a product or the reviews it receives.

But apart from these two attributes, you have the power to make the rest better. And here’s how you can optimize them:

1. Writing an SEO Title

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it helps your listings to be found by customers when they search for relevant products on Lazada.

You can make your product title SEO-friendly by adding relevant keywords to it. And since the majority of traffic on Lazada (and other marketplaces) comes from direct keyword searches, you must do thorough research on the common words/phrases customers would use to search your product type.

Let’s say the original title for this product is: Ikean Black Bar Stool (Ikean is our imaginary brand name).

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

You first need to understand the keywords that customers would use, list them all out, pick the relevant ones, and then add them in the title.

Possible keywords/phrases for this example product would be:

  • Modern Stool
  • High Chair
  • High Counter Stool
  • Stool with Backrest
  • Portable Barstool
  • Kitchen Island Stool

Creating an SEO title is easier you follow a general naming format such as:

Brand Name - Product Identifier - Product Specification/Attributes - Details/Benefits/Where to Use

Therefore, our final SEO title should look something like this:

Ikean Portable High Barstool With Backrest for Kitchen Island (Black)

As you will notice, the SEO-optimized title is longer and contains more relevant keywords than the original one.

So if a customer searches for “Portable Bar Stool for Kitchen,” this name should show up on the search result page.

Tip: Lazada has a limit of 255 characters for SEO titles.

Hooked on SEO? Then you should definitely learn how to create SEO-friendly lazada product titles by following these 4 easy steps!

2. Correct Categorization

This is a simple step but overlooked too many times. Make sure to choose the product category where you can find the most relevant competitors.

It doesn't make sense to list, let's say, a smartphone under the 'Babies & Toys' category, does it?

Having a correct category is also important for Sponsored Product Ads, where your listings will show up as 'suggested products' under your competitors' product listings from the same category.

Thus, this exposure will help drive traffic from those other stores to yours.

3. Attractive Main Image

The main image is what every buyer sees on the search page before clicking on the listing.

Therefore, it should be able to catch customers’ attention in a matter of a few seconds and make them curious enough to find out more about the product.

Here are a few ways to create an attractive product thumbnail:

  • Use a lifestyle image of the product
  • Show a person’s face in the photo
  • Add a vibrant background design
  • Add frames and stickers of ongoing promotions
  • Highlight the key benefits of the product in the main image

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