Do Shopee sellers pay for shipping?

FAQ Jul 27, 2022

Free Shipping

Finding accurate and relevant information about Shopee's free shipping program can be tricky, as a lot of the content online regarding free shipping is for consumers, not sellers. We're here to help you make sense of it all!

You can join the Shipping Program as a seller by registering on the Shopee RM40 Free Shipping Program. You can enjoy the benefits of Shopee-subsidized free shipping at a lower cost of 3% service fees.

However, there are a few requirements the seller has to meet to qualify for this program.

Some of them are:

Buyers need to spend a minimum of 10 USD

As a new seller, the free shipping option is not immediately available to you. It becomes available after 28 days.

There is a minimum service fee of 3%

Some other benefits include special item tagging in which your products that qualify will have a evident sticker attached to indicate the free shipping status with minimum spend. During unique campaigns like 11.11, the minimum spend is reduced, and you receive exclusive exposure for every Free Shipping Friday.

Standard Shipping

The default shipping option on Shopee is available to you from the moment you register your account. The are two basic shipping options- Weight based and Non-weight-based.

Weight Based

Shipping fees are calculated based on the parcel weight and dimensions entered for a listing. You may enter the Weight and Parcel Size information under the Shipping section when you upload or edit a listing via Seller Center.

You may also choose to cover the shipping fee for buyers, so they only pay the product price. It is a good option for new sellers looking to make a good impression.


You may manually set your shipping fee for a listing when you upload or update it.

These were the requirements for their shipping program. You can check a complete guide on Shopee to create your product page here.

Shopee Supported Logistics partners

If you are not using your logistics and delivery and do not want to use Shopee Free shipping, you can opt for one of the many Shopee logistics partners. Shopee Supported Logistics (SSL) are third-party logistics providers that have integrated their system with Shopee to provide sellers fast and reliable delivery services to buyers.

With this integration, sellers can arrange and keep track of shipments directly via the Shopee App and Seller Center. Also, your buyers can easily keep track of their parcels via the app. Some of Shopee's partners in Malaysia is shown below:

This was a basic look into how shipping on Shopee works.

Below is a table to show you what you stand to gain by using a Shopee logistics partner

If you still need help navigating the platform don't hesitate to reach out to us and our team will help you achieve your goals. Take the Leap today and discover the true potential of your business!

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