How to sell with Shopee Cash-On-Delivery? (COD)

FAQ Sep 30, 2022

Cash on delivery payment can be a game changer for driving sales in your store. Many customers might not have digital wallets to make instant online transactions; thus, COD can be the key revenue driver for your store.

The Shopee Supported Logistics channels are: Shopee Xpress, DHL eCommerce, Ninja Van, and J&T Express accept payments via Cash on Delivery (COD). Sellers must follow the delivery methods under Standard Delivery to enable COD.

Leap Tip
1. COD purchases are limited to RM250 per checkout.
2. The 2% transaction fee is subject to 6% SST.

We highlighted some of the advantages COD offers. Here's a more detailed look into those benefits!

  • Stand a chance to get featured on the COD microsite - along with other hot-selling products to boost your sales!
  • Higher Customer Reach - Reach out to a wider customer base who prefer COD! Sellers who enable COD experience 20% higher sales compared to sellers who do not
  • Discount Vouchers for New Users - Boost sales for COD-enabled items with discount vouchers sponsored by Shopee!
  • Free Returns - Failed deliveries will be returned at zero cost to sellers and Shopee will compensate if the return parcel is damaged.

How do I enable COD?

Enabling COD is a simple task. Set the option after the standard service type is implemented.

The graphic below is a simple step-by-step breakdown of the fulfillment process to help you understand how it works.



COD is an excellent way to widen your sales channels. Another great way to make sure your store is working the best it possibly could is by asking our team!

Leap is dedicated to you and your store; if you feel a little overwhelmed with the constant feed of information to effectively run your store, reach out to us and our pro-team will be figuring out your key metrics in no time!

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