How to Setup your Lazada Store from Scratch in Malaysia?

E-Commerce Jun 1, 2022

Lazada is an eCommerce marketplace with a whooping 135,000 current registered sellers. The number keeps on growing with every passing day. Most vendors prefer the platform because of its easy onboarding and Lazada online seller registration process.

Why should you become a Lazada Seller?

It is one of the top marketplaces in Malaysia, which has a strong presence in South-East Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The numbers are noteworthy,

The platform sees substantial traffic on the website and mobile app both.

You can leverage their massive traffic base and reach 1000s of new customers by opening a Lazada Seller Account.

Now, let’s get into the Steps of Creating a Lazada Seller Account; the FIRST step is to understand what kind of seller account is a good fit for your business:

There are three types of Lazada stores that you can create as a new seller, and each one comes with its benefits and requirements.

Read on to find out your perfect match.

Types of Lazada Stores

There are three types of Lazada stores that you can create as a new seller.

1. Standard Lazada Seller

After signing up, most local sellers/resellers will set up a standard seller account. The signup process is quite simple, and anyone who has the required documentation can open up an account.

The Standard account is excellent for sellers who sell non-branded items and are getting started on the platform.

Prerequisites of Standard Lazada Seller Account

Opening a seller account on Lazada is entirely free. You have to sign up and upload as many products as you want.

The platform will charge a 2% fee on every order placed in your store. You can either absorb the cost or add it to your price.

What you need:

  • A local Malaysian phone number- Note that only one unique number is allowed per store
  • An identity card for individual sellers or a Business License Certificate for a corporate entity. (NRIC / Business Registration)
  • A valid email address - Note only one email is allowed per store
  • Your office or warehouse address
  • Local Bank account details under seller’s name

Features of Local Seller Account

  • Lazada Seller Tools
  • 0% Commission Rate

2. LazMall Seller

LazMall Stores are “Branded Stores” part of Lazada’s Mall program. You can either set up a LazMall store when signing up for a new account or upgrade your existing standard Lazada store into one. In both cases, LazMall has its requirements.

LazMall is the recommended store type if you are a brand (Local/International) or an official/authorised reseller for a brand. Offering its features and additional exposure, a LazMall store helps you stand out, build trust and grow your brand’s presence on the platform.

Features of LazMall Seller Account

  • LazMall badge available on all your products
  • Get higher visibility on the homepage and higher search ranking on Lazada
  • Access to LazMall campaigns and Mega campaign barter program
  • Exclusive pass to “Golden Slots.”
  • Access to Marketing Solutions
  • All returns are managed through the Lazada warehouse
  • Get a dedicated customer service team for LazMall customers

Prerequisites of being becoming a LazMall Seller if you already have a Standard Lazada Account

  • Minimum of 30 orders a month
  • Six-month-old Standardnormal account on Lazada
  • A seller rating of above 70%
  • Cancellation rate less than 2%
  • Shipping should be on time for 90% of the orders
  • Chat response time of 85% or higher
  • Return rate not more than 1%

Document Requirements to qualify for all LazMall stores:

You need to be eligible for all the requirements of a Standard Store plus have a:

  • Trademark Number
  • Brand Authorization Letter
  • Brand Name
  • Submitting marketing material

Once you are a LazMall seller, you will no more be a Standard Lazada Seller.

3. LazGlobal Seller Account

The LazGlobal Seller account is for International sellers based in China or Hong Kong looking to sell their products on Lazada Malaysia, Singapore or other countries.

The Lazada Global program helps sellers reach customers across South East Asia while storing their products in China and Hong Kong. Shipping costs are minimal with fast delivery times because of Lazada’s logistics network.

Features of LazGlobal Seller Account

  • Cash on delivery payment option to expand into countries that prefer cash transactions
  • Easy, robust and seamless platform
  • Manage hassle-free returns across borders
  • Lazada will take care of storing, picking, packing and delivering items
  • Minimum shipping costs with fast delivery

Prerequisites for setting up a LazGlobal Account:

  • To set up a LazGlobal store, you need a Chinese mobile number, and the warehouse should be based in Hong Kong.
  • Business Address, Warehouse Address and Return Address
  • Alipay Account to link to Lazada
  • Business Information Document
  • Main Product Selling Category
  • Payoneer Account

Once you have chosen the perfect fit for your products and business, it’s time to get into action and set up your account - Here’s how:

How to create a Lazada Seller Account?

Step 1- Registration and Document Submission

Go to the official website of Lazada and click on “Sell on Lazada”.

  • Click on “Become a Seller Now”
  • Fill in the fields, and an important step is to verify your phone number
  • Submit essential documents like business license and bank account details

Step 2- Activate your Account

Click on the email from Lazada to activate your seller account.

Step 3- Training Session

Once you access your Lazada seller account, you will get a FREE training session from Lazada. It is pretty simple and dedicated to making your entire onboarding journey to your first sale smooth. The training will have basic as well as advanced features.

After a successful Lazada seller registration process, you will receive a welcome email with access to the Seller Center portal.

Well, this was the Lazada seller registration process. Now, you will have to move on to product listings.

Registration is just the beginning; a proper store setup isn’t complete without listing your products and setting up your promotions.

Keep reading to find out how

How to list your first product?

  • After logging in to your account, go to “Seller Center.”
  • Locate “Products” on the side tab and click on “Add products.”
  • After that, you will have to add the relevant information about your products. Remember to add high volume and relevant keywords in your title and description.
  • Add high-resolution images of your product.
  • Submit it after adding all the data

After signing up and uploading a product, you will receive the status of your application from Lazada in the form of an email or SMS in 48 hours.

How to set discounts for the products?

Many Lazada seller tools can come to your rescue. After you have listed all your products, you can start running discounts on them and encourage your customers to buy from you.


It is a promotion tool through which you can run discounts on your products. Lazada offers two kinds of vouchers: Seller vouchers and Platform vouchers.

The platform voucher is sponsored by Lazada, while the seller sponsors the seller voucher.

How to create a Seller Voucher?

  • Go to Marketing Center> Promotions> Seller Voucher
  • You can offer a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 99% discount on your product.
  • For money value discounts, the minimum amount should be more than 0
  • The minimum spend of the voucher should be more significant than the deal offered

Flexi Combos

It is a tool which will allow you to create flexible and multi-tier promotions of your products to attract customers and increase your revenue.

The tool offers three types of promotions:

  • By Quantity
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Combo

How to create Flexi Combo Bundles?

  • Go to Marketing Center > Promotions > Flexi Combo
  • You can use the available template by Lazada or go manually, “Create New Promotion.”
  • Set the promotion information by adding the promotion name and duration of the campaign
  • Set the deal criteria, which describe how your customers will be able to avail of the Flexi combo deal. For example, if the item quantity reaches X, it will unlock a store discount.
  • Select the type of discount you want to give to your customers
  • Add the discount details and select the products you want to run the deal on.

Okay, this is getting tiring, grab a Teh Tarik and let’s power through these last settings and we will have our Lazada Store ready to sell!

Set Lazada Chat Settings

Setting up the chat settings of your Lazada store is essential as it will help you to stay in touch with your customers and resolve their queries.

  • Go to Seller Center > My Account > Chat Settings.
  • Add users who will be able to interact with chat messages

You can create chat templates and continue to engage with your customers. Interestingly, you can give them updates on new arrivals, back in stock, and even discounts or promotions. It will help you to create a communication channel with your customers and encourage them to give you repeat orders.


Registering on Lazada Seller Center is quick and easy. Although it is one thing to set up the store, it is another thing to make it stand out and generate revenue.

This article will help you learn how to open a Lazada Seller Account.

To stand out from your competitors, you will have to optimise your store and product listings and if you are unsure about that, get in touch with Leap.

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