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Which Keyword Set Would You Choose for your Lazada Ads?

FAQ Oct 12, 2022

It is one of the most confusing questions. The right amount of keywords can help your Lazada ad to be visible in front of the customers.

So, we have created a few examples for you so that you can choose better keywords for your Lazada ads.

Which keywords set would you choose to run your first Ad for a GoPro Action Camera?

Keyword Set A:

Keyword Set B:

Before we answer the question,

Did you know?

There are 5 Types of Keywords in ADs.

When it comes to ADs, many different strategies can be applied.

Since this would be the FIRST AD, it is a good idea to check for Brand Keywords where your product does not rank and add those Keywords first!

That’s Keyword Set A.

But of course, you can choose Keyword Set B if the goal for your Ad is to raise brand awareness and show the product to potential new customers! Set B might get lesser sales, but that doesn’t make it a bad option.

Got our point?

The set of keywords you choose will depend on your goal. So, choose keywords for Lazada ads wisely.

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