The Customer Journey of a Lazada/Shopee Buyer

Lazada Sep 7, 2022

As a Shopee/Lazada seller, one of the most critical roles to play is to help your customers through their buying journey.

Before we can help the customers, we need to understand that journey.

Here is one ‘potential’ path to what that journey might look like:

One common mistake we often make is thinking that the journey ends with the purchase. Here you can see that customer purchase is just halfway!

Depending on where your customers get stuck in that journey, you can take different actions to help them.

Here are 3 examples:

1. High Traffic but Low Add to Cart and Purchases

​a. The solution is to understand if the traffic is relevant by checking search keywords and product categories.

b. Next, you need to find areas to improve the product listing and include more information about the product through images and videos.​

2. Sales but No Reviews

a. It would help if you prompted your buyers to leave reviews through reminders.

b. Entice buyers to leave high-quality reviews by running giveaways or featuring them on your social page etc.

3. Many Repeat Customers but few New Customers

a. Create opportunities for new customers to find you through Ads.

b. Help your loyal customers become your product Ambassadors through referrals!

As you can see, there are many ways to help your customers, but most importantly, you need to identify where they are stuck first!

Learn how to create winning Shopee product listings that help your customers cruise through that buying journey!

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