Top 5 Lazada Seller Tools that you must integrate into your Store right now

E-Commerce Mar 23, 2022

Sales are a crucial part of any e-commerce brand. It is challenging to earn substantial revenue to meet your expenses, grow your business, or make any viable profits without proper sales.

As a Lazada Seller, you need a well-planned sales strategy to quickly meet your objectives.

Any Sales Strategy will be incomplete without using Lazada's promotional tools and a little bit of automation.

What are Lazada's Seller tools and why are they essential to selling online?

Lazada Seller tools help to increase sales and brand visibility. They are essential as they strengthen market positioning and build brand recognition which further helps to increase your store sales.

Lazada Seller Center has a lot of different tools that help the sellers run and manage their Lazada store listings and Promotion from one place.

5 primary Lazada tools help you to run your Store like a boss! They are also known as the Power of 5 by Lazada.

1. Store Builder

What is this tool?

The Store Builder tool is a simple drag and drop tool which allows sellers to build attractive landing pages for their Store's visitors. It will enable sellers to showcase their brand, best products, and ongoing deals in style.

It is, of course, not a promotional tool, but this tool decides the customer experience and journey. Apart from that, the structure and visuals of the Store will drive the click-through rate.

Benefits of this tool

  • It allows you to place your Store's name with a beautiful header banner which you can choose to feature your brand, store bestsellers, or a new launch.
  • More straightforward navigation through your Store
  • Drive higher traffic to highlighted products on the store page
  • It will help to build customer loyalty, confidence, and click-through rate.
  • Lazada claims that the monthly store GMV increases by 59% by using the store builder.

Where to find the tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Store> Store Decoration
  • Click on Edit
  • Choose the template that you like and upload images.
A variety of templates to choose from. Choose the one that matches best with your branding.
  • The store builder in Lazada seller center also allows you to add 3 carousel banners. These banners can have discounts, unique selling points, or best deals.
  • You can also run a Flexi Deal combo module on your store page. This will clearly tell the customers about the products running Buy More Save More offers.
  • The Seller's recommendation section helps you feature some of your recommended products to store visitors.
  • You will be able to highlight your collectible vouchers, usually at the top of the store page, so your visitors don't miss them.
  • By including category banners within the store builder, you can give your customers a better browsing experience.

Leap Tips for this tool

If you're starting off and want a quick setup, use the in-built innovative design templates

2. Seller Picks

What is this tool?

The following tool in Lazada's seller center worth trying is called Seller Picks. It's a free traffic booster tool that makes sure that your selected products show up on the front page of Lazada's Search results.

This is a "Must have" for all sellers!

Benefits of using this tool

  • Your products will be visible at the bottom of the web search results page.
  • Seller picks can improve your ranking via the web search results page.
  • Boost an immense amount of traffic to your Store.
  • Increase the visibility and sales of your Lazada store.
  • Lazada statistics say that sellers who used Seller Picks experienced a traffic increase of 3x compared to the sellers who didn't.

Prerequisites of using the Seller Picks

This is a must-have tool, and to acquire it, you need to work hard to increase your store and product ratings.

  • You can only use this tool if you have a Lazada seller rating of more than 70%.
  • Your product rating should be more than 3.5 stars.
  • You need to have more than 3 SKUs live in the Lazada Seller Center.
  • The chat response rate on your Lazada store has to be more than 85%.
  • Your Store needs to be decorated with the help of Store Builder.

Where to find this tool and how to use it?

  • Seller Center > Traffic > Seller Picks
  • Choose Best Sellers and activate it
  • Refresh the Seller Picks every Monday

Leap Tips for this tool

  • Analyze and change the Seller Picks every week, keep products that perform better while replacing the ones that dont.
  • New sellers will have only one seller pick quota for the first 30 days after signing up. After 30 days, sellers will have to select the products they want to feature. You can change the products every Monday morning.

3. Chat Tool

What is this tool?

Lazada's chat tool is highly underrated, but it contributes massively to your buyer's shopping experience. You can directly engage with your buyers and turn them into loyal customers who will definitely recommend your Store to others.

Benefits of using this tool

  • Chat can help you increase your conversion rate as you can directly answer your customers' questions and help them make the final purchase decisions.
  • Based on your customer's previous purchase, you can suggest upgrades or similar products for their next purchase, a.k.a upselling.
  • Allows you to offer a top-notch customer experience to your buyers.
  • It helps to build customer trust, confidence, and comfort.
  • Lazada claims that you can increase your conversion rate by 32% when your chat response time is less than 15 minutes.

Where to find this tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Settings > Chat Settings
You can customize your Quick Reply and Automate Reply settings forms here.
  • Set up Auto Reply in the chat setting by clicking on the settings icon and customizing the Quick reply or Auto reply on the chat.
  • Make sure that you are the last one in the chat to reply.
  • Share collectible vouchers with your buyers.
  • Invite buyers to follow your Store.

Leap Tips for this tool

  • You should install the Lazada seller center mobile application for a more straightforward response on the go.
  • Good customer service will also motivate and encourage your buyers to make a purchase.
  • Remember to keep your chat response rate to more than 85% so that you can be eligible for Seller Picks.
  • While replying on the chat, learn to be courteous and kind and solve the customer's problems and questions without letting in emotions.
  • You can even create templates for FAQs to answer questions faster.
  • Give your replies between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm during the working day.
  • Use LISA- Lazada's Automated AI to help answer repetitive questions.

4. Lorikeet Tool

What is this tool?

It is a decoration tool provided by Lazada Seller center to create your own or use attractive templates for product descriptions. Product descriptions play a significant role in convincing visitors to take that Leap of faith and purchase your products. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your product descriptions are on point.

You can create a fresh design or use the templates.

Benefits of using this tool

  • This tool helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors in terms of the content you use and your designs.
  • It is an effective tool that enables you to communicate the Product's benefits.
  • A good plan can build trust, which will help you to drive more conversions
  • Customers prefer to see visual graphics and photos instead of just text; Lorikeet helps do that.
  • A good description will educate visitors with all the details and answer potential FAQs
  • Lazada claims that you can convert up to 26% more customers if your product display page is beautified.

Where to find this tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Product> Manage Product
  • Select a product that you want to edit
  • Click on Action > Edit Details
  • Under Description > Long Description (Lorikeet)
  • Fill in the necessary details and add relevant images and text
  • Click on Submit

Leap tips for this tool

  • You can access "Smart Design" via Lorikeet to make a fancier and more attractive product display page.
  • Add more pictures and detailed descriptions to convince your customer to buy your products.
  • Use the AIDA model when creating designs - Start by Attracting, end with a clear CTA.
  • Prioritize Lorikeet design work for high traffic and hot selling products.

5. Promotional Tools

Lazada Seller center offers various promotional tools; here are three critical promotional tools you can't miss! - The Free Shipping tool, Seller Voucher tool, and Flexi Combo tool.

Free Shipping Tool

What is this tool?

It's a well-known fact that Buyers LOVE Free Shipping; the Free Shipping Tool allows sellers to create and customize Shipping promotions for their stores. The promotions can be full/partial subsidies on Shipping fees and can be set to trigger only when a minimum number of units or purchase amount has been reached.

Benefits of using this tool

  • Customers will be encouraged to increase their basket size to get Freee Shipping.
  • Your products will get more exposure and click with the Free Shipping badge shown in the search.
  • Lazada statistics state that sellers who applied the free shipping condition saw an increase of 13.17% visitors to the Store, increasing the conversion rate by 34.46%.

Where to find the tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Promotion> Free Shipping
  • Click create new Promotion
  • Fill the necessary field and click on Submit

Leap tips for this tool

  • Offer free shipping on products with low weight and high price points.
  • Encourage customers to get their cart value to a certain number to benefit from free shipping.
  • Compare fees of Free Shipping by Seller vs. using Lazada's Free Shipping programs and choose the cheaper one.

Seller Voucher Tool

What is this tool?

The seller voucher tool offers collectible vouchers which can be collected and saved in customers' Lazada wallets for later use.

Lazada allows sellers to customize vouchers in various ways, allowing them to create the best vouchers for their customers:

  • % discount or a flat $ discount
  • When the Voucher can be collected, and when it can be redeemed
  • Minimum Spend and Maximum Discounts
  • Will the Voucher be shown to everyone, just followers or only those with a unique link
  • Number of Vouchers to issue

Benefits of using this tool

  • Customers are encouraged to make a purchase before the limited voucher time finishes.
  • You can offer tiered vouchers to your customers, which allows you to give more significant discounts on larger purchases.
  • Offline Vouchers shared with past customers and visitors can help drive more traffic.
  • Good Vouchers will increase your conversion rates.
  • Great check-out experience as voucher discounts is auto-applied once their criteria are met.

Where to find the tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Promotion> Seller Voucher
  • Click on Add New Voucher
  • Fill in the necessary details and click on submit

Leap tips for this tool

  • To improve your Voucher's Redemption rates, Increase its discount offer and lower the minimum spend value.
  • Voucher tiering is recommended so that you can convince customers to spend more, so they save more.
  • Actively monitor what kind of Vouchers work and save their mechanics for future promotions.
  • Don't set Vouchers with long expiry dates; make them short, which will create a fear of missing out, and in turn, more customers will redeem their vouchers.

Flexi Combos

What is this tool?

Flexi-combo is a winning Lazada tool that allows sellers to create flexible and multiple-tier promotions on selected products or the entire Store.

There are 3 different types of Flexi-combos that you can run on your Lazada store:

  1. Based on Quantity
  2. Combo Offer
  3. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Benefits of using this tool

  • A fantastic tool that actively pushes customers to buy more as they shop, this tool will surely increase your average order value.
  • Increase your promotion visibility as the combos are displayed on product pages and carts.
  • As the name suggests, the tool is flexible as it will give you the liberty of modifying different levels of discounts on your SKUs or stores. For example, Buy any 3 items and get 20% off.

Where to find the tool and how to use it?

  • Click on Promotion > Flexi Combo
  • Click on Create New Promotion
  • Fill at least 2 tiers of the required Flexi Combo fields
  • Click on Confirm

Leap tips for this tool

  • We use Flexi Combos extensively to push customers to buy more.
  • Flexi Combos are a great way to pair Best Sellers with other products, giving customers a chance to buy products they may like but not have noticed.
  • Using Flexi Combos together with Vouchers and Free Shipping can be really powerful in convincing customers to try and save more as they make much more significant purchases.
  • Example: Buy 1 get no discount, Buy 2 get 3% off, Buy 3 get 5% off + $2 Voucher + Free Shipping


Using these top 5 Lazada tools will help you stand out from your competition and give exciting deals to your customers.

To drive more sales, traffic, and conversions, you must ensure that all 5 tools are being used and updated consistently.

Lazada also has other promotional tools that can increase store performance. Wait for part 2 of this article to know how each of those can help you out!

Would you like to learn how to drive more traffic and sales for your Store using the tools above? Sign Up for our Leap Classes! They are free of cost and hosted every Friday, and you will get to learn how to implement different strategies to help grow your Store!

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