3 tips to get more sales for your Lazada Store!

E-Commerce Apr 27, 2022

Many factors play a big part in helping your products get more sales - here are three tips to help you increase sales immediately!

Tip #1  Write BETTER SEO titles for more Traffic

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By using the correct keywords in your product name title, you significantly increase the chance of more customers finding your product

Without SEO:

With SEO:

Tip #2 Create ATTRACTIVE Front Images for higher Click Through Rate

The following example shows two listings selling the same product, but the second image gives quick information like "Official Store", "From Brazil", and logos showing certifications.

Tip #3 Have a COMPETITIVE selling price for Higher Conversions

Which product would you buy? If both sellers are authentic, it would be the 2nd one. Make sure you check your competitors and price accordingly.

Optimizing your product listings can have a HUGE impact on sales. Read this list of 15 steps to help you convert your products into best sellers!

15 Steps to Optimize Lazada Product Listings Like a Pro
Optimizing your product listing on Lazada means polishing yourself to outshine your competitors. And this article will help you make it happen!
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