Do's and Don'ts of Uploading Product Descriptions on Lazada Lorikeet

Lazada Dec 21, 2022

All Lazada sellers know about the importance of Lorikeet. Though, some of you might be confused with its functions. Though, we are here to help!

So, if you're looking for some tips and tricks on how to nail your Lazada Lorikeet, you're in the right place.

Although, if you are a new Lazada Seller and want to know more about Lorikeet, check out our in-detail guide.

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In this article, we are covering the do's and don'ts of Lazada Lorikeet (Product Description Graphics).


Utilize the "Copy Decoration" feature to save time

Copy Decoration feature in Lazada Lorikeet can copy the Lorikeet from your other product listings. This can save a lot of time if certain parts of your Lorikeet are the same as the other products.

Simply click on Copy Decoration tab on top and select the Lorikeet you wish to copy.

Do note that once you use Copy Decoration, your existing Lorikeet will be replaced.

Use the text module to add keywords

Something we like to do from an SEO-perspective is to add a text module at the bottom of the Lorikeet and fill it with the relevant keywords or descriptions. This will help your product become more visible in Lazada search. If you are looking for some great tips on which keywords to choose, we have just the article you need:

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Make the designs mobile-friendly

Many of the Lorikeet graphics on Lazada look good when viewed on the PC but appear too small on mobile devices. Since most of the customers visit Lazada from their mobile devices, it's important to optimize your designs accordingly. It's always a good habit to check the live listing on your mobile app.

Always hit save.

This is a common mistake. If you don't hit save, all the images you uploaded might be lost, and you might have to redo your work again. So remember to hit save before you leave the page!


Don't upload low-resolution images

Low-resolution images will make them appear blurry and it can negatively impact the customer experience. Don't take any chances when it comes to customer experience because it's directly related to sales!

Don't make the image module height taller than 1000px

Lazada compresses the images significantly to make them load faster. But in return, the images appear very blurry. You can avoid this by setting your image module height in Lorikeet to be less than 1000px.

Don't use rich text

Rich texts can be used if you are familiar with HTML coding to format the description in a customized way. However, unless you are doing it on purpose, we don't recommend using the rich text feature. Stick to Lorikeet, as it is easier and better to upload product description graphics that way.

Don't upload images with an altered aspect ratio

When you are uploading your Lorikeet images, make sure you do not alter their aspect ratio (by stretching the image horizontally or vertically). It could reduce the image quality and make them aesthetically not pleasing to the eyes.


What to do if my Lorikeet is appearing blurry?

Have you ever experienced your Lorikeet being blurry? Here are the possible reasons and how to troubleshoot them!

  1. Make sure the image you are uploading has the correct resolution. It is recommended to upload images with 1200px width and no more than 1500px height.
  2. Make sure the Image Module Height in the Lorikeet does not exceed 1000px (the module height is different from your image size. Lazada allows up to 8000px module height, but anything above 1000px will blur the images significantly)
  3. Don't compress the image too much. When saving as JPG, make sure to save it with a quality of 90% or above.


Keep these tips in mind when you create a description of your products in Lazada Lorikeet. Keep competitive designs and it will boost the customer experience for sure.


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