How to Create SEO-friendly Lazada Product Titles and Increase Search Traffic? [in 4 Easy Steps]

E-Commerce Aug 16, 2021

SEO is a hot topic for online sellers, and understanding it can help to increase traffic and sales for your store.

In this blog post, we will discuss SEO for Lazada product titles in two parts:

  1. What is SEO, and how can it help your Lazada store?
  2. How can you optimize SEO for your Lazada product listings?
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What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. Chances are that you already knew it, but what’s more important is what SEO can do for your product listings.

To understand this better, let’s look at our all-time favorite example - Wooden chair and what keywords the following 3 customers use on Lazada search to purchase it.

When Ameena searches for a “Dining table chair,” do you think Robert’s “Office chair for home” would appear? Of course not. This is because Lazada tries to show Ameena the product that best fits her needs, and an “Office chair for home” does not match Ameena’s search.

As the seller of this wooden chair, we want all our potential customers to find our product. To do this, we need to convince Lazada’s system that our wooden chair is a good fit for Ameena, Robert, and Aly.

Thus we need to ensure that our chair’s product listing title includes all the relevant search terms they might search for. Doing this process is what search engine optimization or SEO is all about!

The benefits of having a good Lazada SEO title are that you can:

  • Enjoy higher traffic and sales from Lazada search.
  • Increase brand awareness of your products by consistently showing up in relevant searches.
  • Use the main keywords from your SEO research for further traffic boosts by using Lazada’s sponsored search.
  • Recognize and track your closest competitors by scanning other products showing up in the same search results.

Now that you understand why you need SEO for your product listings, let’s jump into our second section: HOW exactly can you optimize SEO for your products?

Did you notice that they are looking for the same product but for different reasons?

DISCLAIMER: SEO-optimized titles help your products appear for more keywords when searched by customers. But this doesn’t guarantee that you will rank on top for all those searches. Ranking high on Lazada’s search requires your products to perform well in many different areas - one of them being SEO.

Step 1: Start by Researching Keywords

As the first step, you need to list all the different keywords that your customers may use to search for your product.

My favorite places to pick up relevant keywords are from:

  • Product Details and Description: Check your product’s website description/brochure or packaging to pick up some quick and easy keywords to start with.
  • Lazada Search Autocomplete: Type in part of your product’s name in Lazada’s search bar, and it will give you suggestions of what other customers are searching for.
  • Competitors: Check your top competitor’s listings and pick up keywords that you don’t have in your title.
Leap Tip: Search up the same products on Amazon!
  • Lazada Ads Keyword tool: Use this tool to find traffic trends, the traffic volume of keywords, and more keyword suggestions.
  • Lazada Business Advisor Tool: A great place to find which keywords generate sales for your products on Lazada. Use the Product Details tab to find sales-generating keywords from the past data.

Now, let’s see this in action! We will use Raintree's Mango 100 Teabags and optimize its title.

Here are the  keywords we found using the channels mentioned in Step 1:

  • Mango Tea
  • 芒果茶 (Mango Tea in Chinese)
  • Teh Mangga (Mango Tea in Bahasa)
  • Halal Certified
  • Ceylon / Natural / Refreshing / Daily - Tea
  • Mango Fruit
  • Fruit Tea / Black Tea
  • Hot & Iced Tea
  • 100 Cups of Tea
  • Tea Bags / Sachets
  • Raintree

You should note down the keywords on a simple spreadsheet for the next step, just as we have done.

Step 2: Choose Keywords Based on Search Volume

For good SEO, we need to choose relevant keywords that our customers are searching for. We chose relevant keywords in Step 1, and now we need to analyze which keywords drive the most traffic - since we can’t use all of the keywords in our product title.

To find out the search volume of our keywords, we use Lazada’s Ad keyword tool:
Go to Marketing Center > Choose Sponsored Solutions > Pick any product with an ongoing manual search ad (or create one) > Click Add Keywords and ‎voilà! That’s all you need to do!

Lazada's keyword search tool - found in Sponsored Search

We can prioritize which keywords to keep or remove for the final SEO title by checking the search volume of the different keywords in our list.

Here’s how we were able to narrow down the number of keywords we need to focus on in just 10 minutes:

From the table above, it’s clear which keywords are driving traffic and should be prioritized.

The next step is to arrange them into our title.

Step 3: Create Captivating Titles

When creating the product title, you can choose a generic naming structure to make the titles more consistent and easy to read for your customers.

A common naming structure that works for most categories is as follows:

General title format: Brand Name + Product Type + Product Attributes + Details/Benefits/Where to Use

Our standard format starts with a brand name, followed by the product type (or product description) and then attributes the benefits and uses of the product. We need to arrange our keywords accordingly.

Let’s do this for our Raintree Mango Tea:

Brand Name: Raintree

Product Type: Mango Tea Bags

Product Attributes: Black Tea

Benefits: Refreshing Aroma

Product title without SEO

Raintree Mango Teabags Black Tea with Refreshing Aroma

Now that we have our base let’s add our shortlisted keywords to it. Here’s what we get:

Product title with SEO

Raintree Mango Black Tea Teabags ( 100 Cups / Sachets / Tea Bags ) Halal Certified, Ceylon Natural Fruit Teh 茶, Serve Daily as Iced or Hot Tea with Refreshing Taste & Aroma.

With our keywords added, the title is now much longer, keyword-rich, and informative.

Step 4: Ensure Title is Readable and Upload it!

Follow these tips to make sure the product title is easy to read:

  • Character Limit
    Lazada’s character limit for product titles is 255 characters. (The SEO title in our example is 171 characters long.)
  • Use Separators
    Using separators such as “(“ and “/” helps make your title easier to read. However, try to use them as little as possible and with spaces around them.
  • Capitalization
    Use a tool such as capitalizemytitle to make your product titles easy to read.
Capitalize My Title Example
  • Avoid repeating the same keywords
    Unless needed. Please avoid using the keywords repeatedly as they do not add any benefit to the title.
  • Don’t stuff keywords
    If you’re adding too many keywords to the title, your customers will more likely be confused and ignore your listing.
  • Localize your keywords
    Use Bahasa and Chinese keywords in your product titles. The goal is to use “relevant keywords” that help match your product with potential customers searching for them.
Leap Tip: Take a note of the date you upload your SEO titles and check your product’s impressions and the number of visitors one month later, this will show you if the product SEO is working and how well.


There you have it! Now, you’re a Lazada SEO pro who can optimize product titles and drive more traffic to your Lazada store for FREE.

SEO does not need to be complicated, and you can start with it today itself! The easiest way to improve your search performance is by optimizing your products' titles.

Just as we mentioned at the start of the article, SEO is just a part of optimizing your product listing on Lazada. If you’d like to explore how to improve your listing check out our previous blog post: 15 Steps to Optimize Your Lazada Product Listing.

Did you learn something new from this week’s blog post? Please share it with your seller friends who will find this helpful for their stores!

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