How to Rank on Lazada?

FAQ Oct 24, 2022

Today, we explore why “Ranking” your product on Lazada is SUPER important for long term sales and a few tips on how you should approach this.

First, let’s understand what is “Ranking” -To Rank on Lazada means showing up on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Lazada, this means when customers search for your products they are able to find it easily.​

​What are the benefits of Ranking?

▶︎ Consistent traffic and sales to your product listing
▶︎ Better conversion rate as you have targeted visitors
︎▶︎ Branding of product by showing up first in relevant searches

So how do you do it in 3 Steps?

1. Identify the high traffic Keywords that you want to rank for.

2. Add those keywords to your title (and to your descriptions)→ This is SEO 🙂

3. Create a manual search campaign in Sponsored Solutions with the same Keywords for your product.

Remember to Check your product rank in Search and keep a track to see if it’s improving.

Once you’ve ranked for one keyword, this will automatically push your other products to rank too.

It’s important to choose highly relevant keywords to rank for, because Lazada Ranks products that convert well for a keyword.

*Products in the images of this newsletter are not managed by Leap and are represented as an example.​

Do you want to learn more about ranking, choosing Keywords and SEO?

Check out this article and get started with ranking your products today:

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