The Importance of Product Optimization on Lazada/Shopee

Shopee Sep 12, 2022

Product Listings are your online shop’s greatest asset. So, you need to have a strategy for your Lazada and Shopee listing. Try to create a product list template that is unique to your brand.

The Product Listing

Whether you’re selling on Lazada or Shopee, the essential asset for your marketplace store is your product listings; these digital assets are the real estate you own that drive traffic, conversion, and sales for your entire store.

This is significantly different when running your online shop (website). Here’s how:

The Traffic Funnel

As you can see in the Traffic funnel, in marketplaces, the number of visitors to your listing is HIGHER than the number of visitors to your store home page. The reason is that in marketplaces, customers find your listing first - as they search for the products that they are looking to buy.

This is the reason why Optimizing your product list template is not just essential but also very profitable.

Product Optimization - What is it?

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