What is your Lazada Product Listings’ Secret Weapon?

FAQ Nov 2, 2022

Good Product Listings not only help you get organic traffic at your store but also convince your customers why they should buy from you.

Okay, let’s talk about the clickbait title - A secret weapon for my listings? Is that really a thing?

Yes. It is.


and it is “Sales Keywords”!

Oh! But how?

It’s simple - Sales keywords help to drive traffic and sales to your products consistently by taking care of them. Take a look!

 ・You make sure your listings are always showing in front of interested customers.

 ・You closely monitor who your competitors are and their next moves.

 ・After securing a rank, you can tap into consistent traffic without paying the same as others.

Okay, I Got it. Where can you find Sales Keywords?

​The easiest way to find Sales Keywords is through Business Advisor.​

1. Go to Business Advisor → Product Tab.

2. Select Product Details → Type your product name → Select your product

3. In Traffic Tab, select date [Last 30 Days] and scroll to: Search” in Traffic Source

✅ Make a list of all relevant Search Keywords for each key product.

What should you do next?

​Once the Keyword list is ready for each product; you should take the following actions;

・Add the sales keywords to your product’s title and description. This is SEO and helps rank your product better for the keyword.

・Add these Keywords to AD campaigns - so that you’re always showing up for these Keywords.

・Track these Keywords and check rank using the Incognito/Hidden New tab to determine whether you’re consistently showing up!

・Keep track of sales from these keywords every month.

And there you have it, your Secret Weapon ~ for better traffic and sales on Lazada every month!

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